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FANTASY F1 - 2016 (FSports game) LESS THAN 24 hours to start of qualifying‏‏

Greetings all,

I did say I would run two fantasy F1 games this year - reason for that is this one is the one I used to do before but they did not run it in 2015 so had to find a replacement. Now this one has returned I wasn’t sure which one people like better so decided to do both. If the entry field in both games is low (less than double figures) I will only run a money league on one of the games next year so will try to find out which game people prefer over the course of this season to see which is the best one to run a money league on going forward. However if I get double figures in team entries in both games this year then I will continue to do money leagues on both games in future years.

Any way I digress… So back to business - I am glad to say that the FSports game has come back from it’s sabbatical so I have just set up a private money league on their game.

As I said before I am not sure how many of you like F1 and or like a small stakes wager but making this game just £5 entry a team. For this reason I am making this league ‘Winner Takes All’. Quite simply more entries bigger the prize and it all goes to the winner. I am allowing entries of either strategy in this league so it’s up to you which way you go (see game rules on site). Strategy 1 you get 40 million and can make changes to your driver combinations throughout the season between races - strategy 2 you get an extra 5 million to spend (so 45 million) but you can not make any changes to your drivers during the season (unless they leave F1 or are out injured etc.) - see in depth rules on game site about this.

Also I am allowing multiple entries if you wish to do that but each team in my league costs £5 to enter it. This website allows you to have 1 free team (but up to 5 teams if you make a donation to the website - further info on their website), so it’s up to you if you wish to go that route or not. I think however you can enter your 1 free team in more than 1 private league - should you already have a team as I am late getting this info out (as qualifying for first race starts this coming Saturday).

That’s pretty much it - please spread the word about this league and direct people to this information (maybe you have work colleagues or personal friends that like F1) - more the merrier in my fantasy games as far as I am concerned.

Any one is welcome to join my league. FSports run the game and all rules can be found on their website. How you score and everything is to be found here: Fanasy Racers

The only internal rules for my private league are as follows:-

  1. The league will be closed to new entrants once the first race starts (Australia, - 20 March).

  2. All entry fees must be paid before the start of Race 2 (Bahrain, - 3 April). Any one who has not paid up by this time will be removed from the league and banned for a period of 1 year from all money games / schemes I run.

Pay Pal is my preferred payment option - this is my PayPal link: paypal.me/bluelionman

Make sure to select your sending money to a friend to avoid fees - if you make a mistake and PayPal deduct fees I will have to chase you for them to make the prize fund right and not be out of pocket myself. If you don’t use PayPal then cash or cheque is fine (contact me for my details).

That’s it.

Here’s a link to my private league:-

This link goes directly to my private money league on this game

Once registered you can create your own team entry and join my private money league if you fancy the challenge of competing in a private money league.

Personal League Number: 405
League Password : Sabbatical-Over

Hope to see you in my league very soon,

best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)