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FANTASY CRICKET TEST - England v India‏ (Cricket Web)

Hey Peeps,

This is a short game based on just the 5 TEST’s between England v India.

I have set up a private league and decided to make it £5 entry to make up our own prize pot for the eventual winner. First game is Wednesday 1st August. Full rules on the game can be found on the website: Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket

My leagues name is: WINNER TAKES ALL
The leagues key code # is: 1532686362

To join you need to register with the site (cricketweb.net - just click on the link above) and create a team in the England vs India Tests competition.

Then to join my private league enter the ‘User Competition Key Code’ listed above on the ‘User Comp. - Join’ page.

Hope to see you in my league before the game commences - let’s hope some of you fancy this small stakes money league and see who knows their cricket (or just gets lucky)!

Best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

PS If you don’t know the score on how to pay me just contact me via Private Message from here (TFP).

P(2) Anyone who has not paid by the start of the 2nd test will be removed from the league and added to my blacklist (meaning they will not be invited to any money games of mine for a period of 1 calendar year).

Well 5 players went for this and very well done to Andy Smith (Rick_Spangle) for coming out on top and picking up the pot (£25).