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FANTASY CRICKET ODI’s - Eng‏land v Pakistan 2021 (£5 Money League)

Hey Peeps,

There is 3 ODI’s between England v Pakistan starting tomorrow afternoon Thursday (8 July) in Cardiff.

I have set up a private league on Cricket Web and decided to make it £5 entry to make up our own prize pot for the eventual winner. Full rules on the game can be found on their website:-

CRICKET WEB Fantasy Cricket

My leagues name is: WINNER TAKES ALL
The leagues key code # is: 1625631238

To join you need to register with the site (cricketweb.net - just click on the link above) and create a team in the England vs Pakistan ODIs competition.

Then to join my private league enter the ‘User Competition Key Code’ listed above on the ‘User Comp. - Join’ page.

Hope to see you in my league before the game commences - let’s hope some of you fancy this small stakes money league and see who knows their one-day international cricket (or just gets lucky)!

Best regards,

bluelionman / Noel Symonds

Fan Pub Founding Member

PS Usual method for payment - if you don’t know what that is or have forgotten just PM me from here (the TFP forum) to ask.

Final Table

1st - Andy Smith - Rick_Spangle - £15