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Fantasy Aintree 2018 - Free (for fun)

Hey Calling all TFP’ers,

As you may or may not know I often do small stakes money leagues on various fantasy sports games. One of the providers I often choose to do games with is the Telegraph.

I have noticed they have a free game on the forthcoming Aintree 2018 meet (including the Grand National). Now I am not really a horse racing expert and quite frankly know nothing about horse racing but as the game is free and I do know a few here are really into their horse racing thought I’d set up a private league just for fun. However it is not a waste of time as the Telegraph are putting up prizes so those of you that know your GG’s if you can place in the top ten in the country doing this game you could snaffle a financial prize - 1st prize is £2K.

Runners up
The stable owners finishing in 2nd-10th overall will also receive a cash prize;

· 2nd: £250

· 3rd: £150

· 4th: £125

· 5th: £100

· 6th: £75

· 7th-10th £50

So yes you have to do very well but not bad for a game that’s free to take part in.

League of leagues
The league with the highest average score at the end of the Festival will win £100.

So if by some miracle we are the best private Super League in the country and win that £100 - I propose to give £20 each to the top 5 placers in our private S/L - as think the average score of leagues is taken from the top 5 entrants in a S/L.

Entries to Private Leagues must be completed before 1.40pm on Friday, April 13, 2018.

So find all you need to know about this game here:

Telegraph Fantasy Racing - Aintree

So if you want to join the TFP Private League here’s the details:

Private League Name: TFP - The Fan Pub

Private League PIN: 8108697

Joined Horsey game. Let’s see them gg’s turn up the turf!!!

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