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Fanatics/Landmark Global

Just thought I’d share my experience of ordering items from the fanatics store. Also wondering if anybody else has ever had any experience in dealings with them.

I ordered some tops from them; an Ole Miss Rebels jersey, a Rebels t-shirt, a Marshawn Lynch Cal t-shirt and an LA Dodgers training top … I then paid the international shipping of $25 and the customs/tax charges to the UK, another $25, at the checkout. I guess alarm bells should have rang at this point, but I really wanted these tees so I went ahead and ordered them as a treat.

What a nightmare it has turned into!

First, the order was split into two packages. For four t-shirts this seemed bizarre.

The tracking number(s) given directed me to a site for Landmark Global. Which after doing a bit of research is basically Belgium’s national postal service. The goods went from Florida to Germany and then the UK.

The first package arrived via UPS about two weeks later and the driver asked for an £18.10 cash on delivery payment for the goods. After some questioning I reluctantly paid. I felt as if my goods were being held hostage on my doorstep!

Then a few days later the next package arrived and again, same £18.10 charge.

Reading reviews online this charge seems to be a regular occurrence for goods sent via Landmark Global. Or for goods that pass through their postal network. This just seems so wrong.

To make matters worse, one of the t-shirts sent was wildly incorrect. In fact they’d sent me a female crop-top style hoody thing that looked hideous.

I don’t want to send it back now because I’d have had to pay the shipping and then whatever else fees to get it back again! And their return policy is full of loopholes and reviews state that they squirm out of refunding returns.

I’m not entirely convinced to the authenticity of some of the merchandise either. The Marshawn Lynch tee looks good–I purchased a similar one from the beastmode store so no complaints with that one. But the others, there’s something amiss, they look real with the tags but they seem poorly made, rejects if you like.

Not sure who my frustrations are with more, fanatics or Landmark or if they are both involved in some form of collusion.

These have turned into the most expensive t-shirts I have ever purchased!

Have you ever ordered anything from them?

Sorry to hear about this, amazing that in 2017 it’s still difficult for UK fans to order from US.


That’s not good mate, I know Sean had to pay some extra cash to get the big draft boards for our in-person draft.

Not ordered anything from them tbh, but I won’t be now for sure.

It’s annoying, surely you can ask for a refund on the top as it’s their mistake. I wouldn’t be happy.

I’d email them saying you’re part of a large community in the UK and how they deal with your complaint will be key to further purchases from the group.


Nope not good at all mate!

I’ll be complaining to both companies, asking for refund or partial refund at the very least. Especially for the cash on delivery for goods fees. Reviews online seem to suggest it might involve jumping through many hoops though. But I don’t mind doing that.

Good point regarding the community aspect. I shall mention that also.

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Let us know how you get on.

Spot on

Not really helpful, but I used to shop with ukamericansportsstore, they were brilliant, would get all their stock from fanatics, and if they didn’t have it, you could tell them what you wanted and they would get it in for you

Sadly they have closed down now, not a clue where I’ll get my items from now, but I have noticed over the last month or 2 the NFL Europe store has massively improved on what it used to be like, so hopefully they could be a place to start shopping

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You credit card company should be your first port of call. Fanatics won’t have been paid yet and if you explain the quality/incorrect products you should get refunded. Best of luck


Two weeks since I fired some emails at UPS, Fanatics and Landmark Global.

UPS replied almost within a few hours stating they only collect cash on delivery fees as instructed by the operator of the network the goods pass through (Landmark). It is not within their control what fees are added in transit. They went on to say my best bet would be to contact Landmark Global. That was kind of an expected response really. No complaints there.

Onto the actual goods and having looked up various rights regarding my credit card I was actually short of total monies spent in using section 75 to claim a full refund. Fanatics replied within a few days and were very apologetic. They too were unaware of these cash on delivery charges. Again I was recommended to get in touch with Landmark. They did refund me for the wrong item sent. They also refunded me the wrong amount (slightly too much) but I’m not going to complain about that. Hah.

Onto Landmark Global, and I am convinced this is some kind of wicked scam. They do not respond to any emails. There is no contact number. All I can see that they do, from reading the numerous reviews available online, is slap on these cash on delivery charges to any packets that go through their network. They stick a new delivery address sticker with these charges over the original labels. It’s robbery, plain and simple.

In conclusion: Hands and wallet burned and lessons learned. AVOID anything to do with Landmark Global in the future. Religiously only order goods from the UK.

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At least you got some back. Yeah sounds like a con

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