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Fan pub video (10) TE's tiers for 2015

In this video I discuss my top two tiers…

Wow - the first time I disagree with you Coach - yes I have Gronk as tier 1 and on his own - now tier 2 I only have two - Jimmy G yes but my other was the Denver TE Julius Thomas and you don’t even mention him at all - not even when talking about tier 3 TE’s! :confounded:

Let me explain why

Here’s the numbers 489 yards and 12 Tds !!
Now that’s with Denver and it equates to 48.9 points for yards and 72 points for Tds
Now 120 points is still tier three ok it’s upper tier three but other TE’s outperformed him.
Now he is with the jags I don’t think he will get much better this year and more likely moves backwards.

Doh - shows how much I been following off season I didn’t know he had switched teams - fair do’s I take that back… yeah no Manning throwing to him makes all the difference. :open_mouth:

That’s why I’m here to help fill in the blanks

I believe Thomas will be targeted a
Lot in the Jags O
Whether that equates to anything remains to be seen !

Better late than never to catch up on a few of your videos, Sean. Can’t argue with your top 4 TEs. My main focus now is ranking the next dozen, so I don’t have to reach too far for one of those four in this year’s drafts!