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Fan Pub Fun League

(1) Basic league set up

14 teams: all in one division, so every team plays every other team once only from weeks 1 to 13.

week 14, 3rd seed plays 6th seed, 4th seed plays 5th seed. 1st and 2nd seed get a bye
week 15, 1st seed plays the lowest remaining seed, 2nd seed plays the remaining team
week 16: the final

Cost of entry: £25 – this will give a £350 pot, all of which will be returned as prizes
WINNER: £125
…plus I will run a Survivor Pool game on the nfl.com site, just for the 14 of us, with the remaining £50 as a prize for the winner

Online draft at 8:00 p.m, Monday 29th August

League is on the nfl.com site at http://fanpubfun.league.fantasy.nfl.com

To enter the league paypal me the £25 stake at allhailzippy@gmail.com – on your paypal message let me know your thefanpub.com user name, and your team name. I will then add you to the sign up list below
(if for any reason you can’t use paypal, send me a direct message on this site and I will make alternative arrangements.

(2) Sign up list

(owner / TFP user name / team name)

  1. Jon / JonCartwright / Southampton Sprouts
  2. Malcolm / TheMalcyBarKid / Bite my shiny metal defence
  3. Connor / BIC_C / Flint’s Marauders
  4. Alan R. / Alan_Feelers / Zeke will be a big hit
  5. Lee / lmjc / Suh Tang Clan
  6. Mike / Mike2104 / Keep Calm & Megatron
  7. Ian J. / falbravo / Kicker Conspiracy
  8. Dan C. / otleyroad / Otley Road Patriots
  9. Sean / Outsiders68 / Bi Polar Bears
  10. Chris / chrisj2812 / Ultimate Spinach
  11. Andy / (Dan C’s Canadian friend!) / Andy’s Tight Ends
  12. Dan N. / Flacco2012 / Ain’t Got a Kalou
  13. Ian W. / grecian2010 / Grecian Toffee Bengals
  14. Shane / (shanew1705 on Discord) / Albion Panthers

(3) League rules

Team Line up
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 RB or WR flex
1 WR or TE flex
1 K
1 Defence / Special team

  • 5 Bench spots for a total of 14 per team

General settings
…will use NFL default
i.e. Waiver wire will be reverse order of standings so lowest ranked team gets first pick
i.e. if two teams are level in the league the tiebreaker will be their head-to-head result

Scoring settings

RB and WR and TE all normal scoring (i.e 1 point per 10 yards, 6 pts per TD)

QB scoring slightly raised to make the big guys a little more valuable: 1 pt per 20 yards passing (normally it is 25) and 5 pts per passing TD (normally 4)

Kicker – point after touchdown 2pts
Missed point after touchdown minus 2 pts
Field goals up to 39 yards 3 pts, 40-49 yards 4 pts, 50 yards plus 5 pts

The points conceded category is removed
To compensate: Sacks score 2 pts (normally 1), Interceptions score 4 pts (normally 2), Fumble recovered scores 4 pts (normally 2)
(all other categories not mentioned are standard scoring eg safety is 2 pts)

24 hours in and we have five owners on board already - great stuff!

Hi jon, I’ve sent you £25 via PayPal. Thanks for the invite.

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Awesome - up to 10 in no time! Yell now if you want in !!

Can I join
If available space

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League is full !
Thanks for the amazing interest in this - 14 people signed up, 14 people paid their £25, almost all have signed into the league on nfl.com already

Will issue details about the survivor game next week, and I’m looking forward to our draft! :grinning:


Wow that filled up quickly. Nice one

Didn’t notice the new group so missed out now :frowning:

Me too Al. I see only 14 spots so maybe @JonCartwright would let both of us in if it keeps it even?

@Alan_Zreik @markdimmock812
Morning guys - apologies that you missed out in the rush. To be honest I am really keen to stick to 14 so that each team will get to play every other team. Very happy to put you both on a wait list in case anyone has to pull out?
Alternatively - this league filled up in no time so maybe we can get one of the gang here to set up another league - am sure we could fill another!? Something to have a word about when we meet up Saturday maybe.


I have set up the survivor game on nfl.com - and I have hopefully sent an automatic invitation to all 14 of us in this league… fingers crossed I will soon see a few of you joining, but let me know if you haven’t had the invitation by this time tomorrow

I have not received an invite yet, also when are you deciding draft order?

Cheers - will try sending it out another way…

And the nfl site automatically randomises the draft order, about 30 mins before the draft starts

Invite worked for me! It’s via email and not the main site. All good.

What’s going on with this survivor game Jon?

Hi Daniel, I will send you a PM. Cheers, Jon


We are drafting in a week’s time - 8 p.m. (UK time) Monday 29th.
Hope you are all ready and know who to pick - or you’re at least getting there…

Some things to remember

  • Check the NFL fantasy site to make sure you can access our league and can get to the draft page
  • Not mandatory , but maybe put a picture up to identify your team - it looks like 5 teams have done this, the other 9 have the default grey helmet…
  • Join the Survivor game - we have twelve entries, so if you are one of the two who hasn’t joined, please do - you have paid for the privilege and are missing out on the chance of a prize!
  • Drop me a line, either on this thread or by private message, if you have any questions in the run up
  • Enjoy the draft ! !

…Dan, don’t know if your friend Andy is using this site - but can you pass on this message if not?

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Yes will pass it on and get him to join the forum