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Fan Pub Fun league - 2020

(1) Introduction

Hello folks!

We’ve had four years of the Fan Pub Fun League, with four weird random sets of rules, and four different winners… are we all up for making it five?

As always, there will be some weird roster and scoring set ups to keep people on their toes, but the fundamentals are still: low stakes, flexible line ups, 14 teams so everyone gets to play everyone else, and 6 teams making the playoffs. This year’s theme is going to be ‘Blunder Bonus’, where players will score extra points for making mistakes…

Main description of the league is in post (2)

The sign up list is in post (3) – I will let last year’s managers have a chance to get back in first, before opening it to the general public.

Details of the scoring and roster rules are in post (4)

Details of the bonus game are in post (5)

(2) Basic league set up

14 teams: all in one division, so every team plays every other team once only from weeks 1 to 13.

week 14, 3rd seed plays 6th seed, 4th seed plays 5th seed. 1st and 2nd seed get a bye
week 15, 1st seed plays the lowest remaining seed, 2nd seed plays the remaining team
week 16: the final

Cost of entry: £30 – this will give a £420 pot, all of which will be returned as prizes

Option 1 If the season completes as normal
WINNER: £200

Option 2 If the season reaches week 13 but cannot then be completed
#1 Seed: £110
#2 Seed: £90
#3 Seed: £70
#4 Seed: £60
#5 Seed: £50
#6 Seed: £40

Option 3 If the season ends before the completion of week 13
Top ranked team: £140
2nd ranked team: £100
3rd ranked team: £80
4th ranked team: £60
5th ranked team: £40
(rankings will be Win-Loss, then Points scored as a tie breaker. All standings as at the last week to be completed)

Online draft – evening of Monday 7 September at 7:00 p.m UK time (in other words, right before the season starts)

League is on the nfl.com site at http://fanpubfun.league.fantasy.nfl.com

To enter the league, paypal me the £30 stake at allhailzippy@gmail.com – on your paypal message let me know your thefanpub.com user name, and your team name (if you played last year, you are welcome to keep the same name or choose a shiny brand new one!).
I will then add you to the sign up list below

(if for any reason you can’t use paypal, send me a direct message on this site and I will make alternative arrangements.

(3) Sign up list

This is open to last year’s managers to start with. You have until the end of May to pay if you want to be in. If you weren’t in last year but are interested, let me know and I will add you to the waiting list.

From June 1, I will offer open spaces in the league to those on the waiting list, and then finally to the wider world…

If any manager from last year is definitely NOT playing, it’d be really handy if you could let me know, so I don’t waste time chasing you for an answer!

(owner / TFP user name / team name)

  1. Jon / JonCartwright / Southampton Sprouts
  2. David / @David_Garcia_Fernand / tbc
  3. Dan N / @Flacco2012 / Ain’t got a Kalou
  4. Ian W / @grecian2010 / Grecian Toffee Bengals
  5. Alan R / @Alan_Feelers / Zeke Will be a big hit

Waiting list

(4) League rules

Team Roster

1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
2 Flex: RB or WR or TE

1 Kicker

5 Bench spots for a total of 12 on each team’s roster

General settings

I will use NFL defaults where possible – so for example:

  • Waiver wire will be reverse order of standings so lowest ranked team gets first pick
  • If two teams are level in the league the tiebreaker will be their head-to-head result

I will randomise the fixture schedule shortly before the draft (I tried to do it just after the draft last season and the NFL fantasy website wouldn’t let me !)

Scoring settings

Passing: 1 point per 25 yards, 4 points per passing TD, 2 points per 2-pt conversion

Rushing: 1 point per 10 yards, 6 points per rushing TD, 2 points per 2-pt conversion

Receiving: 1 point per 10 yards, 6 points per receiving TD, 0.5 points per reception, 2 points per 2-pt conversion

Returning (Kick Off / Punt): 6 points per return TD

Kicking a field goal: 3 points

Kicking an extra point: 2 points

…and then we have the Blunder Bonuses !

Any interception thrown: 7 point bonus

Any fumble lost: 7 point bonus

Any extra point attempted and missed: 7 point bonus

Can you find this year’s Jameis Winston? His 30 interceptions thrown last year would have made him more valuable than Lamar Jackson. Daniel Jones fumbled 11 times, Kaimi Fairbairn missed 5 extra points for the Texans – these players could be a gold mine, but every pick, fumble or sliced kick also increases their chance of being benched in real life!

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(5) Bonus competition
NOTE - based on speaking to a couple of people, I will not be running the bonus competition this season, instead I will use the money I would have given for the bonus prize, to increase all of the standard end of season prizes

I’m in again Jon, cheers

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Reluctantly I’m going to step away this year. Last season I missed the draft as I was away and could never get into coaching a fantasy team that was essentially autodrafted and not my players. This year’s draft date also falls on a day I will be away (end of the world permitting) and I don’t want to autodraft again or be that guy who is known for autodrafting.

So I hope you understand a former World Fun Champion’s decision and I wish you all the best of luck with this year’s iteration.

Would like to put my name down for next year’s waiting list as if the date falls right for drafting I’d love to get back involved.

Cheers Jon.

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Sorry to hear that, but understood. Hope that you are keeping well, and that we will get you back next year.

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Can I join please. If it’s still going.


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Certainly. Payment details are in post (2) above. Pay and you’re in !

Cheers mate. I’ll wait til we know where defnitely having a season

Jon, If there is any spots available let me know


Hi James, yes there still are . PayPal details are in note 2 above :+1:

Just looking at your prediction questions think you might need to change ‘The total number of points that will be scored in the London games (4 games)’ to The total number of points that will be scored in what should of been the London game fixtures (4 games)’ or have something else completely. :airplane:

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Good spot Noel :+1:

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League Cancelled

Apologies, only 5 out of 14 spots filled. I will refund those who have paid, over the next few days. We’ll try again next season…

Sorry to hear that Jon - might be a bit late now but this year I have found my entries down in all fantasy sports leagues I run but in a bid to find new players I have found this group on Facebook very good for picking up new players to my NFL games:

Fantasy Football League Finder