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Fan Pub Chat on Discord

Regular members of our old WhatsApp chat group will be aware, we’ve recently made the switch to an app called Discord for the group’s live chat server. Compared to the old WhatsApp solution, the new chat is open for anyone to easily join just by clicking a link, and has multiple channels for various topics.

You can join in simply by following this invite link:

Discord chat has a browser-based version that works brilliantly, as well as apps you can download for desktop (PC & Mac) and mobile (iOS & Android).

To get started you just need to give yourself a name, but later you can also link an email address and password with your account so we can give you a membership level with full access and you’ll keep using the same account if you switch between different computers or devices.

It should be simple enough to jump right in using that link, but let us know if you have any issues.


Will try clicking it from my smart phone rather than here as I’ve already downloaded discord.
Does that mean Watts App is canned now… should I uninstall it from me phone?

Discord is being trialled but looking like it will probably replace wazzap.

I wouldn’t get rid of whatsapp, personally I find it more useful for personal messaging as for me that’s still fiddly on discord.

Is there any way to get a link to discord at the top of the mobile site?

Will stick that on the list. A little bit trickier as the mobile template is different and I won’t want too much stuff crowding up the header there, but will see what I can do.

At some point will also make either chat.thefanpub.com or thefanpub.com/chat direct to Discord.

There’s an updated link to the Discord Chat app now - http://thefanpub.com/chat

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I can’t quite figure out how pinned topics are supposed to work on this forum, as even though this topic is pinned, it keeps sliding down the topics list. Anyway - bumping it up to let people know we have a chat server on Discord and the main site - http://www.thefanpub.com - has been updated today too.

Says it displays at the top of it’s category, don’t think you can pin above everything across the categories.