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FA Cup final - Manchester United v Crystal Palace

For any of you that don’t know my team in the round football game is Crystal Palace.

This is the first time in 26 years my team has made the final.

Last time was 1990 and I was 16 years old and just been kicked out of state care as apparently I was now a man and the tax payer no longer had a duty to look after me. Quite frankly I didn’t have a pot to piss in and couldn’t afford to go to football matches - shit I couldn’t even afford to go to the pictures or take a girl out. I certainly didn’t know how to get a ticket for the final nor could I have afforded one. So for me it was a case of watching on TV.

Now this time by my own failings I am unable to get a ticket because I am no longer a season ticket holder nor (stupidly) a member so not entitled to buy one from the clubs allocation. I should of bought a membership before the semi’s to ensure the chance to buy one but was abroad an encountered other issues.

The reason I am no longer a ST holder is two fold - I fell out of love for the round ball football game (long ball, diving etc.) and my friend whom I went with and had a ST next to died and for the few years I renewed out of habit after his passing it was never the same for me. So in the end when I had an issue with the club and they didn’t care a toot I let my ST lapse and thus only went to occasional games getting tickets via work mates who are ST holders (but they aint giving up the Cup Final ticket).

So this brings me to here and the TFP community…

I would love to go as supporting a not so big team this could possibly be the last time my club makes the final in my life time (I hope not) - but am a realist so really want to be there if I can.

I have been searching out competitions and put out feelers but it’s not looking good so then I remembered Club Wembley - people and firms bought tickets for Club Wembley for 10 years that entitles them to go to any event held at the stadium or pass there ticket on to a friend or family member for said event. There for I just wondered if anyone on here that works for a firm that owns such seats or has a seat themselves and is neutral for this game would they be willing to sell me it?

Also I am searching out any competitions I can to win tickets and as I find them will post them in a thread in the competitions section and ask anyone here who’s legible to enter to please do so and if you win consider taking me please.

I have found one competition but alas only customers of EE, Orange or T-Mobile can enter and alas I am none of those.

Win FA Cup final tickets thread