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Espn snake draft league opened up on Betfair if anyone fancies it


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It’s £25 and should feature Chris and I (separate teams)

I’d join but I’m in too many leagues already. I do recommend joining though, as we Betfair boys usually do well in those leagues and you know how me, Simon & the TF’s faired against you boys in the live draft - so it could be a winnable game for some guys from this site.

Remember you’re trying to sell this, don’t tell them we’re in it!

…although we are Fantasy fodder i guess.

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Yeah you don’t need to be on betfair. You can pay by PayPal and you’ll get an invite by email.

I will join, what is the draft time?

It’s currently Monday Sept 7th @ 7.30

I signed up to this 1 after seeing this thread. Funky Cold Medinas the team name. I’m in the auction league on here and was looking for another standard one as well so thanks for the heads up

Nice one Big C. See you at the draft

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Alan, I will join. Can you put my name down on betfair and send me PayPal details.
Betfair won’t let me sign up to forum just yet


I have added your name and told him you will send him the money by PayPal.

£25 to javvy60@hotmail.com

Hi there guys, I got this link sent to me because I was looking for a money league to join… I’m not really sure how to use this site but I’m v interested. Email is Jamie_t789@hotmail.co.uk.

Hi Jamie,

There’s a link to a betfair money league at the top of the page if you want to join. It’s drafts Monday.

I wasn’t able to join the Betfair forum. I’m still interested though. I could do Monday

email javvy60@hotmail.com and ask if there is still spaces going. Spaces are filling fast.

The league is called puddycat for some reason lol.