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ESPN Player question

As college football is about to start tonight, I was thinking about paying for an annual subscription to the ESPN Player. Howerver, before I do I was wondering if any of you have tried it in the past and if you can tell me if the quality is good enough. Also, what do you know about their customer service … reliable?

Anders a.k.a. Lowest rated TFP Originals participant

I use it every year
It is not as quality as GP
But they have a lot more rights this year so should be worth it
Plus go monthly u can cancel as season ends
Only question mark is how much BT are showing

Thanks Shani.
I don’t have BT and I’m going to cancel Sky in a few months (going streaming only), so was thinking about the annual subscription. When does the college football season end? If I pay monthly wouldn’t that get close to the annual price?

20 month
College season is funny
It stops in December then bowl season playoffs in Jan
It’s 110 for full year so not much difference
personally I’d recommend trying it first - last year it didn’t have the rights to the big games and I didn’t use it much - they have SEC network which helps me out a lot being a vols fan

Great, I just signed up for a month to try it out, so let’s see how much I end up watching - one thing is to want to watch, another is to get the time to do so :wink:

Looks like I’ll be up for most of the night tonight … final pre-season games and NCAA … doesn’t get much better than that when the NFL regular season hasn’t started yet.

One final question Shani - if I miss a game that was played last night, can I then go in and watch it from the archive or something similar?

Yes they archive games for 6 months
It’s a bit annoying because by draft time most of the seasons archive is gone but great if you want to watch games after Super Bowl

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Best of luck cancelling Sky, let us know how that goes :wink:

Ha Ha thanks Dean. We’re having an extension done, so I’m taking down the satellite dish and therefore no need to pay for Sky anymore. This time I won’t be tempted with lower price, free movie channels etc. It’s going to happen!!!