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Well the NFL season is almost over and many of us will have tanked in the football (soccer) so a nice change of sport is offered up with the annual Rugby Union Six Nations tournament. This is a free game ESPN do over the internet (click the link below) but I always think it’s more interesting to have a little money on it and as you can make up your own private league have done just that.

My private league I have decided will be £5 entry per team which will create the prize for my leagues winner, (contact me for ways to pay if you don’t know how nor see me in person - just PM me from here at TFP and I’ll get back to you. Naturally the league is called ’ WINNER TAKES ALL ’ - & the more teams that join the bigger the prize for the eventual winner - so get busy getting any friends of yours to join that want in - as first game starts this year at 14:15 (GMT) this Saturday (1st February)!

All entrants to have paid by the start of the 2nd round of games - any one that has not will simply be removed from my league soon after this deadline.

Web Site: ESPN Fantasy 6 Nations (Home Page)

Here are the details needed to join my private money league:-

First game (and entry deadline to score points in Round 1) is : 01/02/2020 14:15 (Wales vs Italy)

If you decide to play - best of luck.

Best regards,

bluelionman (Noel Symonds)

PS Any teams joining the league must be on zero points when they join.

P(2) Please share this information with friends, work colleagues and anyone you think that might be interested in joining my league.