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England v Slovakia - Mon. 4 Sep. 2017

EDIT - Tickets are now on sale and there is an upgrade competition which you are entered into if you buy in the members only sale period window so am going to do that meaning I will be purchasing tickets no later than 9th June (members sale only deadline). If you wish to be in my BLM group you must confirm to me ASAP please but no later than 8th June.

Okay peeps - I have decided I am going to go to this match and thought it would be more fun to go as a group again.
Tickets are not on sale yet but as I waited to long last time (Lithuania home game) trying to hang on for more people to commit to coming (which they ultimately didn’t) all the cheapest category tickets had sold out making it more expensive for those of us that did commit as had to buy dearer tickets.

So this time I will buy tickets as soon as they go on sale - which means I can get Cat 4 tickets.

I am a member of the England Supporters Club and as such can buy up to 8 tickets in 1 hit for home games.

If any one wants in on this game group they need to let me know and I will stick you on the list below. It’s the first 8 peeps to commit or however many have offically commited when tickets go on sale. If you tell me your going then I expect you to pay once I have paid for the tickets - even if you subsequenly decide not to go.

I am opting for the cheapest Category tickets (Cat 4) as not everyone has money so they are £36 each for adults (that’s £35 Face Value plus £1 fee per ticket - to cover Ticketmaster fees plus any postage I spend forwarding on tickets to make sure everyone has their tickets in hand before game day).

Concessions: £10 discount for OAPs, students and U16s
I have never bought Concessions so don’t know how Wembley work it - if they ask for ID at turnstiles or what so if you ask me to buy you a concession ticket that’s on you being able to get in with it (I would suggest checking online what Wembley’s policy is).

Any way below is a list of people confirmed coming on this jolly (maximum 8 spaces):

I will order the tickets once they go on so people have until then to contact me and confirm they want in and how many tickets (plus what ticket types adult or concession).


Name (TFP Username if member) A = Adult Ticket / C = Concession Ticket / U16 - Child Ticket

  1. NOEL SYMONDS (bluelionman) - A
  4. ABBOTT JNR. - U16

Not in but isn’t that the same weekend as the originals draft in Southampton? Is it a bank holiday Noel?

Yes its same weekend sort of - it’s the Monday night - I don’t think it’s a bank holiday but I have the week off so can go to the game on the Monday night. I thought perhaps with this much notice those from further afield might decide to stay down south longer - or those like us in the South it’s no big issue getting to Wembley for 19:45 kick off.

Hi Noel - enjoyed catching up for the last England game, but I won’t be able to commit to this one. As Shani points out it is right after the Originals draft, and I will be busy Friday through to Sunday as I am hosting this year, so doubt I can make Monday as well. Things may change nearer the date but I will have to leave it for now :+1: