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England v Lithuania - 26/3/17

Okay peeps - I decided I was going to go to this match and thought it would be more fun to go as a group. I am a member of the England Supporters Club and as such can buy up to 8 tickets in 1 hit for home games. I asked some of my friends I have e-mails of if they was interested and had 2 confirm - I decided to open it up as not sure everyone gets my e-mails and happy to go with anyone off TFP so thought I’d try posting here see if anyone else was interested?

I am opting for the cheapest Category tickets (Cat 4) as not everyone has money so they are £36 each for adults (that’s £35 Face Value plus £1 fee per ticket - to cover Ticketmaster fees plus any postage I spend forwarding on tickets to make sure everyone has their tickets in hand before game day).

Concessions: £10 discount for OAPs, students and U16s

I have never bought Concessions so don’t know how Wembley work it - if they ask for ID at turnstiles or what so if you ask me to buy you a concession ticket that’s on you being able to get in with it (I would suggest checking online what Wembley’s policy is).

Any way below is a list of people confirmed coming on this jolly (maximum 8 spaces):
I will order the tickets over the weekend of 18th February so people have until then to contact me and confirm they want in and how many tickets (plus what ticket types adult or concession).


Name (TFP Username if member) A = Adult Ticket / C = Concession Ticket

  1. NOEL SYMONDS (bluelionman) A
  3. JON CARTWRIGHT (JonCartwright) A

I’ve asked a few non-NFL mates Noel, but no joy so far. I’m still in though.

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Okay peoples - last call - I will be ordering tickets tonight for those who commit - just the 3 of us so far but do know a few were considering so just wanted to give a nudge as I will be making the purchase before I go to bed tonight. More the merrier so get at me if you wanna come!

Well I bought the tickets - sadly I waited longer than planned to try and give some who was considering more time but sadly that meant all Cat 4 tickets had sold out so we had to go up a category (to Cat 3) which added a tenner to each ticket working out @ £46 each (Face Value £45).

Alas there is only 3 of us this time but hopefully more will be interested in future sports events - I plan to try and arrange more groups for cricket, International Rugby Union and football games going forward. :cricket: :rugby_football: :soccer:

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