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Dynasty football

I’ve played redraft leagues now for 5 years and now looking to go into dynasty. Are there any teams being orphaned or leagues to join at the moment?

Hey there, short answer yes

Longer answer - your best bet is to hang out in the discord chat for The Fan Pub, which you can join at https://discord.gg/EhXSZte (I hope I’ve got the link right!)
Basically there are lots of dynasty leagues on there each with their own chat thread (Kraken, Simpleton, Gorgon etc) and normally a few orphans crop up each off season
Also, at least one new dynasty league has been set up each of the last few years, the discord thread is where all the league set up chat happens

Best of luck!

Hi Tommy, I may have a team for you if your interested. Get in touch over on discord as Jon suggested

I have a dynasty league but it has a crazy rule set and a waiting list but you can read all the internal rules here as I host my leagues info here on the forum - think my Real Team Allegiance league might be suitable - check out info here: