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Doomsday scenario

I’m in 3 leagues this season…
In all 3, I am leading after the Sunday games…
In all three, my opponent is in striking distance, and has once or more Packers players still to play…

So, it’s entirely possible that GB could whoop my Chiefs, which would be a disaster in its own right - and if Rodgers spreads the ball around to several different players, I could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in all of my leagues. I can’t eat for agonising about it :anguished:
Worse still, I will probably set my alarm for the middle of the night to catch the second half, so I may be completely knackered as well as grumpy tomorrow.

All I need is for the Chiefs to shut out GB and win comfortably in Lambeau. Is that too much to ask?!

Ha Ha good one Jon. I’m probably the complete opposite of you today, as I need to set the alarm half an hour before the game starts, so I can see if Adams is fit to start etc. Even though I’m far from having a chance in catching Brad, I still can’t help believing there’s a chance LOL.

Good luck to you … may we both win (if that’s possible).

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It would be a sweet victory for me with my two GB players against your KC Tight End. I need at least a TD from either James Jones or Richard Rodgers to give me a realistic chance to turn you over. As we are on the same division, It seems like a pivotal game even though it’s so early in the fantasy season.

May the best man win and I hope you win your other games.

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