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Does the combine matter from a fantasy perspective

*It’s a question many ask!!

From my perspective “no” it’s really unimportant…
You see there’s speed then there’s game speed.
There’s movement drills then there’s game situations.
The point is until a player at least makes it onto the field in an nfl situation everything no matter how talented they are is just a best guess.
However having said all this the most important thing is talent and the situation they land in.
So free agency moves matter and what team a player lands on is critical from a fantasy perspective.
Let’s take an example from last year “Bishop Sankey” titans running back.
Every expert said great situation and a fantastic fantasy situation in terms of teams they play that year and there likely fantasy play off run in.
I knew Sankey was at best an average talent in a bad team so not interested.
So my advice is always watch the free agency market and the draft…
Do not listen to the experts (you judge the talent and the team they land in)
Watch the pre season games there are nuggets to find there down the stretch.

A good question, I think it does matter bot not in every position.

I think it matters (or is at least useful) in picking up potential gems for your bench, the unknown quantity in actual gametime in itself prevents you from taking them for your intended week 1 starting lineup (unless you’re a total fanboy).

I never learn nothing to be honest from the combine I had not already worked out from a college career…
But get them on a field in an nfl uniform I will quickly tell you if they have something!!