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Divisional dynasty league... thoughts

Just spitballing here to see if anyone likes this. It’s a bit different, but it is meant to be!! It’s all just kind of rough ideas so far so am happy to tweak this if there is enough interest

Low cost, low effort, dynasty league based on the AFC divisions

8 team league. Each team is assigned one of the real world NFL divisions, and they can only draft players from that division (so it’s not a competitive draft as each manager would have a completely different set of players to choose from)
Let’s say a line up of QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX FLEX.
Start up Squad of 15, possibly some limits on how many of each position you can roster…

Each subsequent year, we’d have an offseason point at which you could draft say 3 rookies and 2 veterans, and then drop the same number of players to balance the roster size. No trading, no waivers, the only effort each week would be setting a line up.

14 week season (all play all twice). 2 week post season (semis and final)
8 x £25 stakes per season. £125 to the winner, £50 to the runner up, £25 into a pot
When a team wins the title twice they get the pot and the league ends (so it could end in 2 seasons min or 9 seasons max)

Any thoughts, any interest in being a part of it, let me know!!