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Day One Edition - Xbox One for sale (£250)

Hi All,

Over the last 2 years I have used the Chromecast, Raspberry Pi and the Xbox One to follow the NFL season. The Xbox is by far the best and brilliant for NFL fans what with the NFL Now app supporting Game Pass (no black outs if configured to prevent them) and the wealth of other shows that come with NFL Now or the NFL Now + version.

If it is so good why are you selling?

As you may have read elsewhere next season I moving mainly to an audio experience as I follow the season. There are several reasons why but the main reason is productivity, I want to follow the sport while on the move more and get more out of my weekends. Also I shall be using the money to buy some golf irons as I start to build up a new set of clubs. Its been years since I played regular and I want to slowly get back into it.

What’s for sale…?

All items are in excellent used condition and perfect working order.

  • A used day one edition Xbox One Console & Kinnect
  • 2 x wireless controllers
  • 1 x wireless headset for controllers
  • 1 x Xbox One Remote Control
  • All required cables such as power, HDMI and Ethernet.
  • 7 x games inc Madden 15, Madden 25, Forza 5, Battlefield 4, Just dance 2014 ; ) Angry Birds (star wars edition) and Fifa 2014

I shall advertise the same on ebay and gumtree post super bowl so if there is any interest you have a week before it goes out.

Kind Regards

That’s a pretty good deal, I’d be tempted myself if I didn’t already have most of those games on PS4 (well, Madden, FIFA, BF, not Just Dance…), and there’s not a huge reason to own both a PS4 and Xbox One yet.

Thanks Adam, its priced to sell…

I’m tempted, not sure how much extra would need to be added for postage and packaging to get it to me

I paid about a tenner for a courier to deliver a laptop when I sold my Chromebook last year, that’s probably the route to go. Royal Mail will charge twice as much and chuck it around.

Or have a meet and greet.

Sorry George, only just seeing your comment now.

Its still available as I have not yet advertised it outside of TFP. Where are you located?

Did not sell/Decided to keep it.