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Day At The Races Cheltenham 2016

Hey Guys,

Its coming up to racings biggest festival, just a mere 2 months left! As discussed last year I am going to try to organise something for all of us to head down there for a day at one of the best days of racing in the calendar year.

There are 4 days, it runs from the 15th of march to the 18th, prices vary on the day you want to go to, and were you want to be, the Tattersalls enclosure or Best mate Enclosure seem like the best options, but theres also the club enclosure, which is more expensive, and perhaps best saved for future years. Have spoken to Alan who goes every year, and he goes into the Best mate enclosure, as he say its less busy and thinks its a better view. But we can decide this after deciding the day/s.

15th - Champion Day - Champion Hurdle (Tattersalls: £45 // Best Mate: £30)
16th - Ladies Day - Champion Chase (Tattersalls: N/A // Best Mate: £30)
17th - St. Patricks Thursday - World Hurdle (Tattersalls: £45 // Best Mate: £30)
18th - Gold Cup Day - Gold Cup (Tattersalls: £60 // Best Mate: £45) THIS DATE HAS BEEN CHOSEN
*Can add £3 to the price if you want a race card included.
These prices are early bird and will go up in about 2 weeks, so need to sort this sharpish.

personally I would prefer the 16th and/or the 18th, as those are the best races in my view, but open to suggestions.

Gordon has said he’d be up for this already, Dean has too, depending on what day, and obviously I am, so the more the merrier. so get replying so we can figure something out :smile:

Yep, always preferred the jumps and always wanted to go to Cheltenham and yet never have. I’m in as long as I can get the time off (which is not usually a problem). Would prefer the 18th as I personally think its worth paying an additional £15 to see the Gold Cup but happy to go with the group decision.

Would this be an afternoon thing or an all day event with food and further drinks in the evening?

Nice one George

Definitely up for this, unfortunately I’m at CenterParcs the following week so it would make sense to take Friday off work and take 6 consecutive days off.

I’ve done all four days and each day has it’s merits. Tuesday has the most awesome atmosphere, mainly due to the anticipation of what is to come and everyone is still relatively fresh and 'up-for-it’
Friday has the best races but it’s absolutely heaving, although those new stands have supposedly to alleviated this problem.

Closest hotel at this stage will be 10+ miles away if you are thinking of staying over?

If we are making it an all day event then I would be looking for a hotel, if an afternoon thing then likely will get the train back. Seems I can make it by train in under 2 hours so thats cool.

I’d be thinking if we’re making the effort may as well be all day? meet up beforehand, head there together, and hang around for a meal and drinks into the night, hopefully paid for by our winnings haha!

Looks like the Friday is pretty much the consensus so far, so gonna go ahead and just say we’re gonna do the Friday, and the Gold Cup :smile: which means you can start looking at hotels guys. and hopefully others can make it.

so now just need to sort out which section, a plan for the day, and how to buy tickets, i.e. individually or one person buys all and distributes (personally cant afford to do that, so would have to be individually for me, unless someone else took on the burden)

The section depends on what you want, best mates enclosure is apparently less busy, still has betting shops a bar, and a better view according to Alan, oh and is cheaper. But if you want access to the winners enclosure/ parade ring, then think it’d have to be Tattersalls. Personally, Im fine with either, as only 15 quid, but Alan and Chris will be in the best mates section, so will leave this open for other peoples views.

Would be great to see the Feelers again. I do get the impression (maybe wrong) that they go every year and maybe have their own plans for it? If they are happy to form part of our group then I’m totally happy to go with wherever they might suggest is best.

Looks like I can get a Friday night train at 10pm so that will do me (no hotel required).

Yeah they do have there own plans for it, and will be there with a small group of there mates according to Alan, so while they wouldn’t necessarily join our group, the possibility for a quick catch up is there. The Best mate enclosure was suggested, so would edge towards that way, depending on what other think. I’m also thinking about going one of the earlier days, so 15 quid saving may help with that.

Ok well I’m happy to go with the flow on this but hopefully we can get a couple more to pad out our own little group.

Think Noel said he’d be up for it, but have two weeks to chase and convince some others to come along

Cool, well 4 is enough for me but more is better as always…

Obviously eel free to invite people from outside the TFP community if you think they may be interested.

George - if I drive I may have a couple in the car with me but they are likely to go Club Stand and do their own thing

What are your travel plans? (would it help if I did M62/M6 and pick you up?)

If staying over the the best option I could find was a Premier Inn at Tewksbury but its not cheap. There are various bus tours available from Yorkshire, one is Thursday & Friday with entrance and hotel in the evening for £189

We do have a direct train from Wakefield but only expensive seats left now.

On this subject I would urge anyone to research ‘Cheltenham Preview Evenings’ there is sure to be one in your area. They are generally sponsored events so inexpensive with great guests/speakers

My dad I I attended one for the first time last year, it was good fun and very informative, the main guy was Jim McGrath (Ch4). This was his final preview evening before Cheltenham and he passed on information he had heard from various other nights he had done throughout England & Ireland. I cannot remember the exact horses but he did point me in the direction of a couple of winners and several E/W at larger prices.

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Gold Cup day is actually the one day where a couple of the guys take their wives (yeahi know, like wtf!!!), and while myself and Al would be mainly with the usual attendees, socialising between two groups won’t be that difficult. Also, after excesses the previous 3 days, it’s normally off home to recuperate so if the TFP group are staying for a few drinks and a bite to eat in town we’d be totally up for that.

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I don’t know if I can get this day off and not big in to horse racing (yet) but like TFP days out so kinda interested - it’s like 50/50.

That’s great to hear Chris… would be good to catch up.

Noel, I dont have the time off booked either yet, both my bosses are in “Vegas” currently so approval for the date can wait but it should be ok I think. Would be good if you can make it.

Not so sure if I should go now - I really think Sean has a point and Dean to… that I should stay away from the horses as my betting has got out of hand… I’m losing far to much on sports I like and should know something about so until I can learn to bet smarter I really need to start limiting my exposure to things (especially new sports that encourage gambling on) or I will not be long for this earth as I disappear to far down the rabbit hole to ever return!

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I have been granted the day off work so will most likely be travelling down, would anyone be upset if I brought my old dad, he’s retiring this year so it would be a good to get him out of the house for my mums sake!

He might bore you to death about why Rugby League is a better game than NFL but his racing knowledge is pretty good.

I have no problem with your Father joining us. I dont have the day booked off yet. I was waiting to get an idea on attendance. How are Noel and Simon feeling about their chances of going?

I’m passing Gordon as I am taking Deans advice to swerve the horses as my betting is problematic to say the least so best I stick to betting on sports I currently follow and know something about and should try to avoid ones I don’t currently follow - and the GG’s falls into that category I’m afraid. I would of loved the social aspect tbh but know had I been there I would not have been able to resist punting - and most likely chasing if it started badly. Sorry to be a blow out guys.