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COVID lockdown sport prediction game

Ok, so we’re all bored sitting at home, and every sport we would normally watch has been cancelled :mask:

So…time for a prediction game featuring all the random barrel-scraping sporting crap that is still somehow surviving!

If you want in, message me on here (or if you aren’t signed up on here, message me on the TFP discord instead). Sign up Sunday, Monday, Tuesday until noon. On Tuesday I will issue full league rules and the first set of prediction questions.

I will issue a set of questions every few days. Then a day or two later I will issue a list of all our predictions. Then I will post people’s scores once the games have taken place. And then back to the beginning…

I will run this as a head to head league, and I will also track who has scored most point overall.

No entry fee, and I will provide a couple of small prizes.

I’m in if you include eSports!

Sounds good…I’m in :grinning:

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Wasnt part of the plan, but we’ll see how desperate things get!!

I’ll be up for it

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So I think so far there is interest from

That is plenty of people so I will definitely sort this out. Other people have got till noon tomorrow to join in, then I will figure out the mechanics of this.

@TheOnlySimon - are you in? There probably won’t be eSports as I don’t know enough about them to set the questions!

gonna pass then, that was my edge!

I would like to try that prediction game.(•‿•)

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Yep - love your header picture by the way, Abroad is one of my favourite Carry Ons!

Hi Jon

Love the carry ons they should be on TV now !!!

Look forward to receiving your game info.

Well it’s time for a :beers:



Hi Jon

Could you please confirm I have sent my predictions as a private message and that they are how you want it.



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Yes to both questions !


Jon - Did you get my message?

Morning Dougie, no I did not

:frowning: I have resent it to you.

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Got them now!