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Championship Fantasy Football 2018/19 (TFF)



The Championship football season starts this coming Friday night (3/8/18).

The Telegraph have returned with their Championship fantasy football game but this year allow me the option to have them operate the money aspect (collect entry payments and pay out the prize winners), so I am going for that option.
You can find full information on this Telegraph fantasy football game here:-

TFF Championship

My Internal Super League Rules:-

No limit on teams - £10 per team internal entry fee.

End of season prizes as follows:

4 Prizes

1st Overall - 50%
2nd Overall - 20%
Goals Winner - 15%
Starting XI Winner - 15%

*** No Charts ***

Good luck, have a go and get your mates involved - doing this game I have found actually helps you for the following seasons Premier League fantasy football games, as you learn alot about the promoted teams players.

Best regards,

Noel (aka bluelionman)

League PIN: 8164278
Passcode: 2220

Final Overall Table

Final Goals Table

Final Starting XI Table

Any one reading this if the Telegraph run this game again next season (2019/20) I will also run a money league so look out for details on TFP around late July. Hopefully more people will see this thread in the off season and nowhere to come to get involved in a small stakes Championship Fantasy Football league.

Would definitely be looking to do this next season - or is it this season now? Lol

Only found out about the Champ fantasy in Oct!

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Just seen the telegraph aren’t doing a championship fantasy football this year :frowning_face:

That sucks, anyone asked them why they’ve made this decision?

Not sure, just sent hem reply to someone saying they’ve dropped the champ and champ league this season

Week till season starts

Anyone had eyes on a champ fantasy football league?

Sadly I don’t think there’s going to be one this year - telegraph confirmed for me on Facebook earlier tonight they indeed have dropped their game.

Gutted tbh :cry:

Though with Premier League and NFL games all kicking off soon after the time saving is not to be sniffed at by having one less game to administer and manage a team in.

Yeah ive tried looking but cant see anyone doing a champ version this season, real shame tbf as was really looking forward to it

Crappy premier league again I guess!

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Just had email from Telegraph saying missing championship fantasy, fantasybet.com are doing it, link here: https://www.fantasybet.com/games/championship-fantasy?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tlg&utm_content=mail1

Not sure of anyone’s experience with this etc?

Also managed to find another one called Fantasy Hub - this one is free (the one above is £5.50 to enter) and you pick 11 instead of like fantasybet where you pick a full squad including subs

Any thoughts on either of these @bluelionman

Think we’re just to close now with season starting this Friday. If I wasn’t so busy and tired I’d take a look at the free one. May see if I have time before leaving for work in the morning… but to be honest I’m using all spare time I have push for entries to McBears Football picks game and my other football leagues especially FPL draft as numbers are down across the board. Either to much choice out there or the interest in fantasy games has flatlined with a lot of people.