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Challengers Live League space open - Northampton 13th August

We have one space left in our 16 man live league. It’s a live in-person draft, drafting in Northampton on the 13th August. Its high stakes 125gbp entry with 1000 going to the winner. All money paid out in prizes.

Rules below

Beast League

Welcome to the BEAST Fantasy Football League (BFFL). This is a 16-team league. The name of the league will change each year as it’s chosen by the previous year’s league winner .This league is a money league and all owners are expected to pay their league fee a month before the draft date to confirm your place.

This league is designed to be a competition between owners, but it not a cut-throat league where anything goes. The rules described below are designed to act as a guideline for overall league play and any disputes will be handled by the Executive Committee of the league.

Ultimately by joining the league you have signed yourself up to the rules as described below.

Please remember that the overall goal of this league is to have fun, execute a master plan and enjoy the game of fantasy football. If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

[1.1 Executive Committee]
The Executive Committee for BFFL for 2017 consists of:
• Co Commissioner Sean Connors 01327 612 159 [home] sean.connors45@icloud.com
Commissioner Alan Roberts 07951 335370 [mobile] alanroberts1987@live.co.uk
The Executive Committee will be responsible for resolving all disputes that are not expressly covered by this constitution. If a committee member is involved in the dispute, that member will excuse themselves from the decision process. Sometimes for impartiality another owner(s) may be asked to serve on the Executive Committee. While all owners are encouraged to submit suggestions to the committee, the committee’s decision on all matters is final.

[1.2 Living Constitution]

It is important to note that this is a living, breathing constitution that will change and evolve over the lifetime of this league. Changes will happen between seasons as often as possible and will be effective from that point onwards. If you have suggestions for changes, please submit them to one of the Executive Committee members.


The league fee for the Beast will be charged to each team owner and committee member, payable to the commissioner at least month before the draft date. An owner will forfeit their place in the league if the league fee is not paid by this date and the next person on the waiting list will get a chance to take your place.

The Executive Committee may use their discretion and allow other arrangements for payment before the season starts.

[2.1 League Fee]

The Beast league fee from the 2017 season onwards will be £125 from each owner. This fee is due at least a month before the draft date. .

[2.2 Prize Money]

League prize money will be paid out shortly after the conclusion of the season… Money will be held in a bank account owned by the commissioner and will be paid out in the following manner:

League Champion receives £1000
League Runner-Up receives £400
Division winners £400 (£200 each)
Overall highest scoring team throughout the regular season excluding playoffs will win 200 Automatic free entry to next year’s league. If you decide to leave you can take the prize money instead.

So potentially with a great season after completing your master plan you could win up to 1400 {1000 for winning it all plus 200 for a division win plus 200 for being the top scoring team over the season} Not a bad haul!

Winning a division entitles the coach to rename that division for the following season.
Winning the league entitles the coach to rename the league for the next season.


The Beast league will consist of 16 different teams, broken into two divisions of eight teams each. The schedule will be decided on draft day. See draft day section below for more details on how that’s done.

Each team playing every other team in their division once in a head-to-head match-up and seven other teams from the other division. This makes a 14-game regular season.

[3.1 Division Rankings]

Teams will be ranked within each division based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall Win/Loss record
  2. Total points scored year to date

[3.2 Playoffs]

After the completion of the regular season, eight teams will make the playoffs . Both division winners will be awarded a playoff spot and the next best three teams from each division will make the playoffs as well. Please note this is not the next best 6 it’s three from each division.

Playoffs are not chosen manually by Sleeper.

To add even more strategy from the 2017 season onwards, the top seeds will be allowed to pick their first round opponents.

For example, if you’re the first seed you could pick any of the remaining 6 seeds {you can’t chose the other division winner} to play in the first round of the playoffs. After the first seed has picked their opponent, the other division winner will chose from the remaining teams. Lastly the highest ranked divisional runner up will then pick their opponent from the remaining three teams. The two teams not chosen will play in the fourth quarter final. There are no byes in the playoffs, this makes finishing a high seed a nice advantage entering the first round of the playoffs.

After the first round of the playoffs all opponents are computer generated.


Rosters in the Beast consist of 15 active players from any NFL team or free agent looking for a team. There are no position limits, and owners are free to have as many players from any position as they like. Only players from the active roster may be used as part of a team’s starting line-up.

[4.1 The Draft]

The commissioner will designate a draft day each season. This is usually the first Saturday in August. For the 2022 season this is 13th August at the Beefeater Turnpike-Harpole https://www.beefeater.co.uk/steak-restaurant/Northamptonshire/Turnpike-Harpole.html 3

Owners are expected to attend the draft in person.

The draft order will be determined by the Wheel of Fortune .

To add a bit of extra fun/drama, choice of draft spot will be chosen by spinning a wheel of fortune. This is a real wheel with numbers. The idea is to score as close to 100 as you can. You can spin the wheel as often as you like to try and get to 100. Take care not to bust though as everyone who sticks below 100 will beat you. Choice of draft picks goes as follows. Closest to 100 or under, then in order below 100. People will bust in this game, the ones who busts by the most will have last choice of draft spot. The lowest player to bust will follow the lowest scorer under 100. Ties will be settled by a one wheel spin with the highest number winning,

The draft will be a 3rd round reversal draft. . We believe this makes it fair and winnable from all draft positions. You can preview the draft board on Sleeper if you’re not sure how it works or ask one the Commissioner.

The commissioner will designate a timekeeper.
When it is an owner’s turn to draft, they will have 90 seconds to make their pick. If an owner makes their selection within the 90 seconds, the clock is reset for the next owner’s selection. If an owner has not made a selection within the 90 seconds, the next owner is ‘on the clock’ and can make their selection. After this owner has made their selection the original owner will have another 30 seconds to make their pick or the next owner will be on the clock.

Each owner has three timeouts during the draft. These can be used to either add an extra 90 seconds to make their pick.

For example, an owner could take three 90 second timeouts, three 5 minute trade windows or a combination

[4.2 Free Agency]

The league will used a wab system for free agency. Each team will have 100 wab points at the start of the year with the highest bidder winning the player. Sleeper will decide all ties. .

[4.3 Trades]

Trading is allowed and encouraged in The Beast, and may be conducted between any owners… Trades will be subject to Sleeper guidelines so if a player has already played, the trade will not take effect until all games of that week are completed.

If a trade is accepted in error, the owner who has accepted the trade in error must notify the Executive Committee within one hour. No trades will be allowed after Week 12 of the fantasy football season.

[4.3.1 Trade Veto]

Everyone enjoys the freewheeling nature of trading and waiver wire pickups. For the 2017 season a mechanism is being introduced to challenge a perceived bad trade.

Each coach in the 2017 season will have one red flag. This allows each team to ask for a trade to be put to the vote.

Nine other coaches will need to agree to the vote to stop the trade and get it reversed. If the coach using their red flag fails to gain the required support then the red flag fails and that coach cannot challenge any further trades for the remainder of the season. However, if you are successful, just like the real NFL, you will get your flag back for a second and final challenge for that season.

If a red flag is used all parties must explain their reasons about the trade and the reasons for the flag.
All reasons must be aired openly and will be voted on quickly. It is expected that this process will take no longer than 48 hours from start to finish.

[4.4 Starting Line-ups]

Starting line-ups in Beast will consist as follows:

• 1 Quarterback
• 2 Running Backs
• 2 Wide Receivers
• 1 Tight Ed
• 1 Flex (running back, wide receiver, or tight end)
• 1 Place Kicker
• 1 Defense / special teams

Owners are responsible for fielding a line-up each week…

[4.5 Active Ownership Requirements] Spam Rule

Each owner is expected to actively manage their team each week even if they are eliminated from any playoff consideration… Owners who consistently fail to submit a line-up will likely lose control of the team to the Executive Committee and the EC will have the right to manage it for the rest of the season. This effectively gives up your right to take part in the league. A committee run team will not make any trades and is only allowed to add or drop players if the team cannot field a legal starting line-up due to injury or bye weeks. Any prize money won by a committee-run team will not count and can only be won by active owners in the league.

[4.7 Anti-Tanking Provision]

Beast is a competitive league, created for the league owners to have fun playing fantasy football. While the competition may be fierce, this is not considered a cut-throat league. In the spirit of competition and league fairness, owners are not allowed to intentionally create an illegal starting line-up that gives the opposing team a clear advantage. The Executive Committee reserves the right to step in and adjust the starting line-up of a team that is clearly trying to intentionally lose a game. Owners will be assessed on a case by case basis. If the committee must adjust a team’s line-up in two consecutive weeks or for three or more weeks in any one season, the team will be considered inactive and the Executive Committee may assume ownership of the team as detailed in the active ownership requirements section.

Just for clarity, using a bye week strategy is not tanking. It’s all about intent. If in doubt please explain your actions openly.


This league is standard scoring. Scoring in Beast will be computed to two decimal places. This will allow points to be awarded or deducted for every positive or negative play and will dramatically reduce the chance of a tie game. Players are awarded fantasy points for each week that they are included in the team’s starting line-up. Players may only start at one position in any given week and will only be awarded points as described by their position designation below.

[5.1 Point Totals and Final Scores]
Beast will be hosted on Sleeper. Head to head scoring will be determined each week by the stats from that website. Sometime stat corrections will be made by Sleeper and this could change the outcome of a match up, but this is a rare occurrence.

Player scoring has not changed from last year and can be found under the league settings on Sleeper.

Schedule. We play 14 regular season games. You will play the first 7 weeks against the opposite division. Things can really change in the last 7 week as all games are against your own division. So this gives you chance to assert yourself or make up some much needed ground on your divisional rivals.

Draft Day What to expect.

The draft is live at a private room in the Turnpike Beefeater, Harpole Turn, Weedon Road, Northampton NN7 4DD.

{There is a Premier Inn next door for those wanting to stay over. A few of us will be there for pre-draft drinks on the Friday night and will go and discuss the draft on the Saturday night after the draft. This is optional.}

We have our own private room with horseshoe shaped seating. This should maximise the experience of the live draft. The room is situated off the bar so you can easily get beer, food or other refreshments. We normally take a break and all eat together after round 3 or 4.

Please arrive by 11.45 at the latest. We will start prompt at 12pm. I will be there from around 10.30 am to set up. So feel free to come a bit earlier if you wish.

As soon as everyone has arrived we will commence the Wheel of Fortune to decide the choice of draft spots.

As said above we will probably have a break at the end of round 3 or 4 to eat together. We order from the Beefeater attached.

The live draft normally takes about 5 hours to complete.

After the live draft you will be asked to choose a division. Last year’s division winning managers will be then put into two separate divisions. You will then be asked to choose a division to become part of. The order we used is draft order so we will go from 1 to 16 in that order. We feel this adds a bit more strategy to the draft. Drafters in the picks 6-10 range will have a good idea of who’s in what division giving them a slight advantage on which division to choose and a better chance to avoid the perceived tougher teams. That should add an extra strategy element to the draft.

Lastly as there are only 14 regular season weeks there will be one team you will not face as there are 15 other teams… As each division will have 8 teams you will play all 7 of your divisional rivals and 7 teams from the other division.

The team you will not play will be determined by your choice of when you got to pick a draft spot. So, if you had last choice of draft spot you will get first pick of which rival, you’d rather not play from the other division. So if you think a team looks strong then choose that team not to play. Then then next lowest can pick from the six remaining rivals not already chosen in the other division and so on. Again, we think this adds an element of strategy and gives something back to those who got no choice of draft position.

if you’re interested and want to know more, either reply or DM me,