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Challenger live league year (2) a draft spot has opened

Like all leagues people come and go although we have reserves the date for this year 5th of August doesn’t suit them. So we have a spot that has just opened.
The draft takes place in northampton just off junction 16 of the M1
It costs £100 bye in but the winner gets £600 a trophy a game ball and more importantly our deepest respect.
There are also prizes for second place, divisional prizes and weekly high score prizes.
We plow all money back into the league and I’m sure you will not be disappointed… first to shout out gets it.

I’ll take it thanks

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Ok great stuff can you email me on seanconnors45@icloud.com

With full name contact details we can then have a chat ect…

Hey Sean, tried to email but it won’t send. Is the email correct?

My bad Sean.connors45@icloud.com

Hi Sean - can I be added to the reserve list please? Thanks