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Challenger league 2018 Question (1) fee

  • Should the league fee increase to £150
  • No the league fee should stay the same

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125 will do


Yep, 125 or 150, either is fine for me

What is the thinking surrounding the increase? What changes would be made?

@Alan_Zreik Bigger prize money basically Al, something similar to this

Winner £1000 A cool G!
R/UP £400
Division Winners (£150 x 2) £300 total
Regular season top points scorer. (The team that scores the most points week 1-13) £200
Top Score £240 (£15 X 16)
Consolation ladder winner £60
Prizes, draft board, room etc £200
Total £2400

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Ah ok, well that sounds fair enough. I’d personally be happier with £125 but majority rule.


Yeah the 125 option seems to be missing…

Wouldn’t mind a slightly higher fee but a 50% increase mostly to go into someone else’s pocket (I’ve sucked badly in this league both years running!) doesn’t appeal too much :smiley: There’s something about this league, moreso than any other strangely enough, where your team can be a dumpster fire a few weeks in due to poor post-draft luck and there’s barely a sliver on the waiver wire to help with a recovery. Not sure I want to increase the punishment for shit luck :dizzy_face: