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Challenger/Beast League forward planning some ideas from you please!

Hi all need some feedback.

Personally I’m now very happy with the rules of this league in my humble view third round reversal worked.

  1. Are you happy with the venue beefeater pub (I call it the home of fantasy football)
  2. Do you want to match what is going on in the originals and increase to £125 if that’s the vote in that league.
  3. Did you like third round reversal.
  4. Did the defensive change work?
  5. Any other business you want to discuss.
  1. I always like a place that will bring food to my table! Happy with the venue until you show me something better.

  2. I personally would like £150. I think it gives more options when organising prizes.

  3. I haven’t analysed it but my gut tells me I didn’t really like it although I wouldn’t feel aggrieved either way.

  4. As Dean has said previously, the double scoring makes the D extra important in this league. Probably not everyone has recognised that fully and perhaps even calls for an adjustment when you draft your D. I am ok either way, we have probably all won and lost a match due to an extreme defensive performance.

  5. George should be docked 2 wins to start next season for lack of fantasy etiquette!

  1. Love the venue. Unless you find somewhere that is absolutely definitely better, don’t dream of changing!

  2. I am happy with any stake from 100 - 150 inclusive. I have no issue with whether or not it is the same as the originals

  3. I am in favour of third round reversal - blocks the big advantage that early draft spots had, and means you have no excuse for a bad draft from any spot!

  4. Don’t mind the defensive scoring change. Would probably prefer giving more points for big plays - sacks and turnovers - but not a big deal either way

5a. I would love (as you know from my tinkering with the fun league) any extra tweaks to the roster set up or scoring, that would make people think hard about their draft strategy. Whether that is an extra starter, or points per reception… don’t mind what, but just a little something to keep us on our toes

5b. If people are interested, it might be good after the draft to go somewhere other than the bowling? No issue with the bowling, would just keep things fresh to maybe alternate it with another Northampton attraction (I assume it has some!!)

Really happy with the league in general though Sean. You have upped the bar after Noel’s work to get this started - the room, the draft board, the prizes, your enthusiasm as a commissioner, all really good. Barring any unforeseen scheduling disaster you can count me in for another year of course :clap: :clap:

personally I like to keep it vanilla on DST even though it helped me this year - otherwise it’s chamgev the gameplay it’s fine so long as it’s in advance so we can prepare accordingly, I think the current openness of the league gives the ability to hold many different types of strategies which of course works wel , the Bonsai worked well (hard to know!) and was good with waiver system
The only other wrinkles I’d put up are negative scoring on K and perhaps having to play a DST and K every week

Good with upping the entry fee
Was not bothered about the weekly pot not sure how others felt but when it rolled up a bit I guess it did generate a bit of interest

I think if we did raise the entry fee to £150 we could distribute the money in this manner:-
Winner £1000 A cool G!
R/UP £400
Division Winners (£150 x 2) £300 total
Regular season top points scorer. (The team that scores the most points week 1-13) £200
Top Score £240 (£15 X 16)
Consolation ladder winner £60
Prizes, draft board, room etc £200
Total £2400

So in theory you could bag
£1000 for winning the whole thing
£150 Division Winner
£200 Highest regular season point scorer

  • up to £240 from highest scoring prize.

But also if you’ve drafted well and been unlucky with matchups you could potentially win £200 for top score without making the playoffs even or at least not winning the Division.

Thoughts welcomed on parts you like/dislike about this. Plus any other ideas for changes.

Winning a stack of cash and getting a star on your team name for winning is always going to be immense!

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Brilliant alan

It’s 2400 not 2500 on 16 x 150

Have edited to make it £2400

I don’t get why there needs to be a toilet bowl prize. I don’t even like there being a prize for 3rd place (when there was) let alone 9th.

Personally I loved the weekly top score prize! Esp when it rolls over 4 times :wink: :wink:

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Well that and all changes will be put to a vote in the new year… so will take feedback on board when constructing polls…

  1. Love the venue but have one genuine request, please can we set the room back so that people face the way it was in the first year? I thought this year the room seemed more squashed and where the great draft board was located was not as good as year 1. Thank you for a great league.

  2. I fully support a move from 100 to 200 or anywhere in between. As you know I was hoping for a lift last off season so this idea is all good. There are many $ leagues now, part of being the leader is offering the best return. The option to win a cool G for just winning the league appeals.

  3. Yes

  4. Absoeffinglutely, imho every position should score big on a good day and not just the traditional positions, this makes drafting even more interesting and adding missed kicks makes drafting kickers a more serious matter too, instead of Just picking up a kicker in the last round or not drafting one at all!!!

  5. Can we please have a little more info within the living constitution re when and to what degree competitors can leave positions empty? Is it allowed once all season or allowed only as part as of a season long strategy and how many positions can be left blank and can we choose to leave kickers and Ds out multiple times?


Can the prize structure be back dated one year?


Some great points and agree about the room position which is why I’m building my own draft board just for live draft events when you see the finished product I know you will be happy…
I agree about defences personally as the difference between my scoring and the dpstandard was thirty points per team max or two points a week roughly no big deal really.
Kickers need to face a penalty when they miss.
Both these two things adds draft day strategy and don’t take it away in my view.

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I know what you mean. We can vote on this. It gives the bottom 8 something to play for, I’m not too bothered about having it either to be honest

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After a bit of thought my opinion is that you shouldn’t get the cool G without having to ‘win’ more than one element
So say even with 120 entry fee something like
900 1st
300 2nd
150 for each div winner
240 high score

Personally I think the div winner should get more than their money back so if I’d tweak it would be there !

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