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Challenge league update venue date and prize structure

Venue will be turnpike beefeater Northampton on Saturday August 6th 2016 12 noon (midday) aim to arrive from 10.30 am.


prize fund £1600 divided as follows
Winner £600
Runner up £300
Third place £200
Two divisional winners £100

Need money in before the end of July 31st 12pm midnight as long as we have ten plus teams committed year one we will draft. I think we will get the full sixteen however if we end up with say 13 last man out I’m afraid can only draft been numbers however you will be fully refunded.

Please help spread the word about this league!!

Going to use two divisions rather than four
Top eight teams qualify for playoffs assuming we have sixteen.
That’s the division winners and next best six teams based on record first,then points,then division record if still tied best score during the year if still tied live coin toss.

The rest of the money buys prizes,conference room,draft board and some signed NFL merchandise.

Please let me know your thoughts!!

Commissioner Sean!!

Facebook Paige for league please like and share details

Looks like Shani is going to need to enter both leagues to get his ‘Cool G’

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I hope he does lol

Lol thanks but unlikely , I think I’ll stick to the Originals and the US work league and that’s it, also to be fair too many originals in these new fledgling leagues maybe a bit repititiuos and am sure you’d like to carve out some new dynamics and create a new community all of which I’m sure you’ll do

Never thought you would to be honest but please help spread the word about this league if you can.