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Challenge League Rules new rules added in bold please read

We will be using the follow rules

  1. Using NFL.com site for setup and scoring

Can’t do it yet because we do not know how many teams we will end up with however I’m guessing the cut off point is the end of July for sign Ups.

2.We will be using the waiver priority rules this year same as those being trialed in the original league.

After this year we can collectively decide which system created the fairest result.

3.Assuming we have 16 teams then there will be 8 playoff teams. The 2 divisional winners automatically make it in as seed 1 and 2. Then next six best teams based on the following tie breakers.

Overall record,then points scored,then divisional record if still tied coin toss carried out by commisoner or if commissioners team involved independent person most likely Noel.

4.Trades will and should happen it’s very tempting to block a fair trade because a person is winning. The current system means if two owners vote no then it gets blocked. A good commisoner should be the only one to have the power to stop a trade. That being said if I ever try to block a trade I must justify to the whole league my reasons. A veto should only ever be used in those circumstances where something is clearly wrong. In other leagues I’ve been involved in and run I have never had to use the veto.

  1. Seven bench spots allows ways to mitigate bye weeks and injuries. In other leagues I’ve run this system created more trade not less. Because people had more currency (players) to trade with. There are often more two for one deals attempted and that go through.

You might think there is less talent out there making break out players important target waiver wire pickups which is true but with the priority on waiver wires this will make trading and FA pickups fascinating.

6.Using a TE in the flex just offers more options although its impact is limited it’s still nice to have.

7.This is a money league use what ever tactics you want there are many tactics one can try. Over the years I’ve seen them all from bye week strategies to blocking players who stream to effect there scoring output.

8.Defensive scoring is going to be doubled after much debate and I have listened to arguments over the bench spots so have adopted a compromise.

Let’s look in detail at the changes.

Punt and ko returns score for both defence and player concerned.

Defence scores doubled in regard to points scored against them only.

Points allowed 0 scores defence 20 points now doubled from the original 10

Points allowed 1-6 scores defence 12 points now doubled from the original 6

Points allowed 7-13 scores defence 8 points now doubled from the original 4

Points allowed 14-20 scores defence 2 points now doubled from the original 1

Points allowed 21-27 no change 0

Points allowed 28-34 scores defence -2 points doubled from the original -1

Points allowed 35+ scores defence -8 points doubled from original -4

Bench spots will be capped at 7 down from 8 by one makes sense and supports all arguments.

I think that covers everything off that’s been asked however if I missed anything plaese ask.

Kind regards


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Some video footage of venue !!

Thanks for putting down some of the rules Sean, I appreciate its boring but it is important. You may want to put down the prize break down at some point but im sure your just waiting for numbers.

As for the venue, this mirrors the sort of place I had in mind a few years ago when we were all wondering what the originals venue would look like. I love those seats outside for heating up my sex machine solar panel. The bar just around the corner too and yet we are enclosed in our own madness, brilliant.

May want to spread the tables out so nobody see’s my incredible board but im sure we will manage that come the day.

Well done fella

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It is under the league the prize break down but never harms to repeat.

If we get full sixteen

First place £600
Second place £300
Third place £200
Divisional winners x2 £100 each

That’s £1300 from £1600 the remaining £300 pays for room, board, trophy and league prizes.

I’ve made the money stretch as far as I can on the budget and I’m sure you will all be super happy with what you see.




thats all good Sean, thanks

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Looks like a brilliant venue! As Gordon says, has it all.

Gutted I can’t make it this year :frowning:

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Well there’s always next year

Sounds good Sean. Can’t wait for my first draft with you boys!


So would you like to include bonus TD from kick returns and punt returns

Just to make it clear this will not affect the defence so if you had Antonio Brown and Pittsburgh defence and he scores on a punt return you score 12 points.

If you only own either brown or Pittsburgh defence you score just the 6

Thoughts please…

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Yes please, I’m in favour of giving 6 pts to the punt/kick returner if he scores a TD

Oh OK yep I am happy with that as long as the D/ST gets the points as well

cant see a poll but same as Jon

I don’t mind either way. However, I would like Defences to also score/lose points for conceding yardage as well as points.

Both player and D should get 6 points each, thanks

Agree with Gordon, I’m happy for both to get points

Happy either way with regards to yards and defense

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Thank you everyone

Happy for 6 points for a TD, because as you said the difference is minimal, wouldn’t want any other changes to points scoring I.e return yardage, or more points for def, in the first year anyway