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Challenge league rules and any questions you ask

It makes sense to clear up the rules of our draft.

Shani asks


Apologies if this is elsewhere but could you summarise the rules of this, I.e roster (limits if any- starting formation, bench, TE flex etc) , overall format schedule , tie breakers, policy on positions I filled etc

Our league will have the following allowed starting position

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 FLEX Howeever it can include WR/RB/TE the TE addition is different than the original league.
1 TE
1 KK
1 DF

It will comprise of two equal divisions which I have named Davis and Saunders after two of my favorite RB’S. This is different than the original league as the original league uses four.

What I forsee that this will do is create more rivalry as every game counts.

Using standard scoring system at this point with no tweaks

Rosters are increased to eight bench spots from six

This is because we are drafting before preseason and allows a better chance to mitigate any injuries before the season.

Standard season that being thirteen regular season games and three playoff games.

All games take place during the regular season weeks 1-16 weeks 13 through to 16 being our playoffs.

The teams that win there division automatically qualify for playoffs along with the next six best teams from either division. This is assuming we have the full sixteen teams the number of playoffs teams will change if we don’t.

It’s based on record first then point scored then divisional win loss record then if all three are tied live coin toss carried out by the commissioner.

As this is a money league you field a team as best you can if you have issues due to buy weeks or injuries in my view that’s your proplem.
It is assumed you will attempt to field the players you can who are likely to play if for what ever reason buy weeks and injuries you can’t then you fill the positions that you can to the best of your ability.

You don’t have to drop anyone if you don’t want to.

As commisoner I expect everyone will try to field there best team each week however if you can’t it’s good manners to explain in advance why.

We will not be finding out draft positions before the draft day but I can tell you my method allows choice Ie if your first to pick you pick the spot you want till the last person gets left with what ever everyone didn’t want.
A simple yet fun change to the originals.

Any other questions ?

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Excellent, that’s very useful Sean. So my understanding is a “one week bye week strategy” is not punished? Just want to be clear, I have a preference but happy to follow the rules you set.

Also, maybe I have missed this but what is the prize list break down?


If you want to implement a one week bye strategy that’s your choice I see know issues about this…

Divisions are interesting… are first glance I’d want to be in the Knile Davis division as a Chiefs fan…

But Sean’s played a blinder with the Stebbel Russell Saunders division - the only man to win a championship with Green Bay and then go on to work as a film producer on The Amityville Horror

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We’ll win the division and name it any chief you like lol

Waivers ?

Going to trial same system as the originals are going to use this year.

Then go with experience of what works best.

Unless anyone can give a compelling reason to use any of the first two used so far.

I’ll have a look again but I think year 1 there were more trades and it might have been a side effect of the waivers system

Yes your right shani must consider this system it is my favorite so far what do others think.