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**CANCELLED** Fantasy Premier League Football - Live Draft off-line style

Hey guys - who here is up for taking our own Premier League football and applying the US way of doing fantasy games to it?
That being drafting a squad of players in a live event where no one can have the same players.

Thanks to another member here (Chifs1970) I have been put on to a site that now caters for just that.

I did have an in-house live offline face to face Premier League drafting game co-run by McBear and myself but it wasn’t all that interactive throughout the season and over the years the number of managers taking part has dwindled so finding this website I thought was a good chance for whole brand new reboot and would take the game to the next level.

I was hoping I could find people that would like to return season after season and continue the keeper aspect of the game. However as this is a reboot will go with the majorities wishes and can make this a compete redraft annually and randomise where you pick or can keeper the keeper rule and have the draft order set as a reverse of last years finishing positions in the first round with any new managers picking before returning managers. However I will confirm and post all these options and rules once I know I have 8 managers up for this event.

The site says a league is best with 10 teams but needs a minimum of 8 and can only have a maximum of 12.

The site charges you £5 (£4.99) per team to access it for the season but I think that’s worth the money to give you a full on game for the full duration of the Premier League season. You can make trades with other managers or pick up free agents and drop under performing or injured players.

So what I need to know is who out there would like to meet for a face to face live offline draft on the Premier League?
What stakes would you like to play in a money league for?
Myself I am easy and being a gambler happy to play for large stakes but would suggest a fee of between £25 - £100 to start off with the first year. I really want a league of 10 teams if can I get it so would rather play in a league of 10 teams at £25 a team than a league of 5 teams for £50 a team. However I understand if your coming from much further a field you may prefer a much bigger priced league to make it worth the effort of traveling so far to take part - say £50 or even £100 league entry fee (to make up our own internal prizes) and that’s fine with me if I can get the numbers.

So please take a look at this website, have a read of the info / rules on it and then post here or contact me directly to say if you’d be up for this venture, what stakes money league you’d like to play for and if July 30th would work for you as the live offline draft date?

I would propose starting at around 3pm - the traditional football kick-off time and also allowing anyone local who perhaps works a Saturday morning or indeed a Friday night shift to still at push be able to come along and join in to.

Real Fantasy Football

As people commit I will post there details here and if we get to 8 it will be a go 100%. Also remember 12 is the maximum. I hope to make this league an annual event and can be a complete redraft league each season.

TFP RFF Off-Line Live Draft Premier League game

List of those confirmed up for this game of which a July 30th - 3pm start live draft date works for.

1. NOEL SYMONDS / bluelionman - (Merstham, Surrey) - happy with any stakes £20-£100+
2. DAVID BROWNE / - (???, Kent) - ideal entry fee £50 [but happy to go with the majority from £0-£100]
3. ANDY SMITH / Rick_Spangle - (Hove, East Sussex) ideal entry fee £50 [but happy to go with the majority]
4. DOUGLAS HAY / McBear (Merstham, Surrey) - not a gambler - only £20 for me [count me out if above £25]

Count me in please Noel - 30th July OK for me. Entry fee wise, I agree with David - £50 would be my preferred amount, but if everyone else is pushing the boat out…

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Brilliant news Andy - and no ones pushing the boat out as yet - I suspect McBear and Tony would be the other way as they are not gamblers at all and would prefer to keep it as is - £20-£25. However I wait for them to say what there thoughts are on this. Also any friends or contacts you know that would enjoy this feel free to push them towards this thread.

So sorry people but with less than a week to go I have only got 4 people (including myself) signed up and committed to turning out in person for this event so am pulling the plug.

However I am starting an online live Premier League draft game from fresh - a complete new redraft (no keepers) league as I feel there was the interest out there for this game just not the traveling to Surrey to do a live face to face offline draft… so have set up a proposed date to do the online live draft for this new game site and if the numbers are there (8+) it will happen, see more details on this thread: