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Can we separate the gambling threads?

Hi Guys,

I hope nobody minds me asking and its one for Adam really but each time I login here I cant help but think that the threads relating to gambling should be a little more “out of immediate” view.

Money games are cool, I think. But all the threads relating to all sorts of betting takes over the feel of the place imo. It takes a little away from the site and what we are about, especially for first time or seldom users of the site. Am I the only one that thinks this? I like a small wager like the rest of us & I’m as guilty of this as anybody but if we are going to the lengths of trying to grow this place I think we should be a little conservative about what smacks people in the face on their first visit.

Just my two pence and for the general success of the site.



I guess we want to do the opposite of separating them - we should probably combine lots of those tip threads (e.g. @bluelionman threads for various bookie offers) into one “Bookie Offers” type thread. (Also potentially allows people to subscribe to such a thread and get instant email notifications when Noel posts new offers, if they’re interested.)

Though I’m in favour of the ‘week 1 NFL bets’, ‘week 2 NFL bets’, etc, threads being individual as they are.

As the betting threads should be tagged with the betting label, we could always make that label hidden to unregistered or new users, but I’m reluctant to go that far straight away.

Thanks Adam, combining some of the threads would help with there then being less threads relating to offers. As for the other gambling threads, well im not so sure that hiding those is not already called for but its really your shout. New comers coming along because we are apparently a fan base for American sports will often be put off if their first impression is that gambling is as big as anything else on this site.

I think Gordon has a point - combining threads I think is a good idea to avoid the gambling stuff dominating the front page of threads.

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Yeah I’ve asked Noel if he can combine his betting offers into one super thread going forward.

Still want to be hospitable to the NFL bets and any Daily Fantasy stuff though, as let’s face it, the forum’s founded by NFL gamblers and fantasy players.

I see the punting as a by product of what we enjoy rather than a leading part of it but I totally appreciate your judgement and think that while the offers are a very worthy post it will certainly help to combine them, so nice one.

Cheers Adam

So the rumours about Noel asking Adam to install a virtual Fruit Machine into the The Fan Pub are unfounded :smiley:


I’m not into fruities thank goodness and I can stop with the gambling posts - not a biggie for me.

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Nobody wants anybody to stop posting Noel. I was simply trying to offer up some advice on how we can improve our chances at getting TFP more user occupied. Are we a site for fans of American sports or are we a site of folk that like to punt… First impressions are as important online as they are in person imo and I was referring to all gambling posts, even my own low level efforts. :blush: