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Can we do Polls

Is there a way to host a poll on THE FAN PUB like they can on NFLUK or even in the fantasy leagues at NFL.com?

Just I would love it if each member could only vote once and even better if the poll could show who voted which way - which no other poll does on any other site… I’d love a poll to go up right now for who will win this Super Bowl - Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots and then after see who called it as I think people are spilt on this.

So Adam over to you buddy…

I think there’s a poll plugin for this forum but it’s not installed yet.

One tricky thing with customisation here, is that unlike before, this forum is now hosted by a dedicated forum hosting company that handles all of the server and software stuff (keeping it running smoothly and always updated with the latest security updates). So modifying the actual forum code without moving it back to my own server is a no-no, however I might be able to get them to install some of the public plugins.

For more custom stuff (like a fancy league page or whatever) I can have them linked to from the forum navigation, and the actual page hosted back on my server so that they’re still totally customisable (which is what currently happens with the front page - www.thefanpub.com is on one server then it goes to forum.thefanpub.com on another).

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I’m not sure if it’s possible but just thought of something that would be very useful when setting up leagues or planning nights out with regards polls - where your looking for a clear majority to set something in stone is would it be possible to set a close time on a poll - perhaps a clock could count down above the poll showing how long to polls close time?

That way you could set a deadline for people to vote by and then when it reaches that time people can’t vote beyond it anymore and it would show what results was sort of thing?

Just an idea - as I’ve set up a poll in my SMTM league and said I’ll go on the result at 11pm this Friday but there’s nothing to stop people voting after that time which could change what majority was when deadline is reached - so be quite nice if locked so couldn’t alter what outcome was sort of thing.

Any way I love this forum Adam - thanks for all your hard work building this place.

You definitely can and it shows who’s voted, @Outsiders68 should be able to help you out

Contact me noel I can guide you through it very simple

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Cheers guys - late leaving for work now but be back on tonight (if not to tired) to learn more. :+1:

Edit - I’ve cocked up guys - I tried to vote for every option in a poll and missed 2 - seems once you have voted in a pol you cant vote again or amend your options - am I right?

Guess only thing I can do is delete whole post / poll and redo right?


Hey Adam,

Is it possible to delete a poll - site won’t let me but I think the original voided poll still being visible in my original Auction Draft post is confusing people as date is now set and that poll was a fo-par in the first place as NFL.com wouldn’t let me set a date to draft on Thursday making the winning date/time in first poll void! :scream:

Would very much appreciate having the power to delete my own posts polls if even only its a power granted to admins?

Is this possible?

Right now the poll I wished to remove / delete is the one contained in this post (but keep all other info within the post):

TFP Auction Draft - Post with Void Poll


Noel / BLM

Can’t you edit the post and just blank it out

I tried Alan many times last few days but it always gives me an error message when I try to delete saying something that polls over 5 minutes old or such can’t be edited or removed.

Here’s a screen shot: