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Calling out LM Noel, Simon, George,

Hi Guys,

Are any of you staying up for the 1st round of the draft?

If so please check out my thread “War Room Challenge” and let me know if your interested in entering the pick em contest. So far the interest has came from our own league only, 6 of us and Sean’s eldest son. I need more than 7 and of course it would be good to have you on board for the evening.



I meant to contact you to say did you know NFL.com ran a game last year and you could make up private leagues on it to (as I did) so no reason to think they won’t do likewise this year. Also I hope to go to a draft party at a bar in London - I did last year - for round one through the night - it was run by Dani Lopez who has advertised his events on here and when I last had contact plans to do a party in a bar again this year… was hoping details would be out by now so I could try and talk a few league guys into supporting this night and going to as I know how hard it is to get these things off the ground.

More the merrier and last year would say there was only about a dozen of us of which 1 was Cecil Martin there all night and more than happy to chat, mingle and share insight as the draft unfolded.


Hey LM,

Let me know if you hear anything about such a gig in London this year. I think we will stay put in Reading however you never know.

As for the NFL pick em challenge, I had no idea. This is almost perfect. I say almost as it differs slightly from my proposed game in that the NFL challenge asks you to define the order in which players are selected rather than predicting what each team would choose to pick. There is a difference however the NFL site gives us a platform and live scoreboard so think I will go with that. I shall likely use http://slack.com as the communication channel for the night also, as advised by Adam.

We have 8 now as Mary will enter also.

Any others?



You do realise you can play along wherever you are as long as you have some sort of signal on your phone. If not interested that also fine. Would be good to have your input on the evening.


All those entering the War Room Challenge -

How would you feel about moving the communication channel for the draft night on April 30th from Skype to slack.com?

Slack.com can be accessed by a browser and is available across virtually all device types. It is free, it just needs you to register and to select our group/channel (details of group/channel would be provided later).

Please let me know.

I’ve never used slack, but happy to give it a go!

My smart phone is old and always saying out of room so don’t think I could download a new app - even FB stopped working sometime ago whenever I try and open get some kind of error message saying it needs to close - I keep meaning to buy a new phone but never pull the trigger as just can’t decide on what one or when I do someone says that’s gonna be redundant soon go for this one and so never do and just mill along with what I got as only really need it for texts and calls and even then not all that often it seems.

Now as I plan to go out for the draft night round 1 that’s why I never signed up as don’t think I’ll be able to stay in the loop - plus I was shocking at that NFL.com predict the pick game last year - tbh not following the college game I have no idea on the rookies. I will run a league on NFLUK for my fantasy forum championship season and have a go but not a strong event for me.

Starting to worry about George now…still AWOL

Fair enough Noel…

Yes where the hell is George?

George is around, was talking to him yesterday, think he’s working much of the time.

Ok good to know he is well.

I’m back guys, just not checked for a while, nice to know I’ve been missed lol, I’ll check out the post for this but I usually try to stay up for the draft

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