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BuzzFeeD - Know your current NFL team logo's?

I came across this in an NFL group on FB and thought others here would enjoy the challenge. I am embarrassed to say I only scored 25 (but I pride myself on not cheating so just went through it and used my eyes plus mind to guess).

How Well Do You Know NFL Team Logos?

Got both New York’s & Philly wrong 29

Sat bored on a coach between NY and Boston. At least they have wifi! Got 27 but several were guesses…

Crikey you guys are doing well, I skipped through them and got 20… I’m giving myself an additional point tho as I’m sure the Jags logo’s are identical :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh boy, I only got 24 right lol

Thats more than me Anders, at the end of the day the number is not important… As long as you get your own teams logo right :yum:

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30/32 for me - missed on chargers and bengals.

Agree on the Jags - couldn’t see any difference but managed to pick the correct one!!!