Bundesliga Fantasy League (USD$20 Buy-in)

Hi all!

Bundesliga kicks off in a few days and we’re looking for Bundesliga fantasy league players! (operation on discord - invite: JJ Draft FPL League Hub)

Bundesliga fantasy site:

This fantasy league does not have head-to-head mode, only classic scoring mode - so what I do for the set up is, i manually create head-to-head match up.

At the end of the season, prize payout is in 2 routes;

  1. Official Bundesliga fantasy league standing - classic total points scoring
  2. Manually created head-to-head league standing

Also - there’s a DfB Pokal cup set up separately as well adding some cup fun!

If interested, please join on discord (again: JJ Draft FPL League Hub) and look for me with same user ID: @arsenalfcjun14

Below are snapshots from the league docs

Manual head-to-head league table:

Head-to-Head fixture sample view:

DfB Pokal

Last season prizes with 8 people