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Broncos at Chiefs - week 2 meet up

Hi folks,
Mentioned this game to a few people after the draft on Sunday, and I see it’s been discussed on here since, so just to state my plans:

Thursday night game Week 2 is Broncos at Chiefs. It’s the Chiefs’ home opener, and when Eric Berry steps on the pitch the fans will make enough noise to raise the dead :smile:
I’ve got the Friday off work, and I am going to go up to the Hippodrome to watch the game (kick off is 01:25 I think , I will be aiming to get there about midnight). There are a few other Chiefs fans going - they have contacted the Hippodrome who have confirmed they will be open for the game, team colours are fine etc

I’m not planning to get a hotel room - as the game will be over at about 4:30 - 5:00 I am just going to get the first morning train home and then crash in my own bed. (Eiskrap - there’s a 5.30 Waterloo to Southampton that stops at Basingstoke…)
Hope to see a few of you there…

I was hoping to make this one but I shall be returning back from holiday that night so can’t, hope u all have a great night and I look forward to other catch ups

A few Chiefs fans going? Really, what both of you?

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Cheeky! There might be 3 or 4…

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