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Broken Jaw

According to reports IK Enemkpali cracked Geno on the chin resulting in a broken Jaw for Geno! Perhaps IK has Ryan Fitz in his fantasy team? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is want to hear more about the childish conversation they were having that caused the fracas? Now I’m being childish :smile:

I wonder if IK’s mom was mentioned in the conversation :confused:

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Loved that twitter was full of jokes within minutes : “…apparently Geno threw the first punch…but it was intercepted!”


haha… seems likely

Blimey, Rex Ryan just claimed IK… As Rapoport reported… Rex has been building a bully and now just claimed a bully : )

He’d already picked up Ritchie Incognito anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Picking up IK is straight up trolling the Jets. And I love it :smiley:

Apparently the argument was over $600 that Geno “Glassjaw” Smith apparently owed IK for plane tickets that went unused and Geno said he would reimburse IK for after Geno pulled out of IK’s charity event…

On what we think we know I side with IK :punch: