BoyleSports Fantasy Five

This is a free game the online bookmaker BoyleSports ran last season and have brought it back for this Premier League football season. You have to pick 5 players you think will beat their listed fantasy points score Boyle have given them. Trust me it’s hard as Boyle always seem to price players 0.5 over what would be good - for instance a Fwd scoring a goal is worth 4 points and playing over 60 mins is 2 points so they will predict a run of the mill forward to score 6.5 - meaning he would need a goal and an assist to beat his projection. But it’s a free games and prizes every week so worth playing as if you any right you win free bets and if by some miricale you land all 5 you bag £5000. So why not have a go right?

Here are the actual scoring rules:

Here are the actual prizes you can win and some key T&C’s:

So if any of you have a Sports Betting account with BoyleSports why not join my Free private mini league just so we can see how each of us does over the course of the season. Only had 2 in my league last season (and one of them was me) so was a bit lonely:

follow this link to join my league: