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Boxing / Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao

I’m not normally into boxing but been caught up in the hype and Odds Checker put me onto a few specials including this one from SkyBet I quite like the look of and wondered what you other gamblers & or boxing fans think - I think it’s a fair price and worth a tenner…

Seeing reports of a boxing fix

Didn’t look like a fix, just a slightly confusing score card - it has “Mayweather / Red Corner” on the left and “Pacquiao / Blue Corner” on the right, but Mayweather was in the blue corner. Seems like graphic design stupidity more than anything else. Mayweather clearly won/controlled the fight, but that’s kind of to be expected against a version of Pacquiao who’s ten years past his prime and has spent most of his recent life as a politician.