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Bold "Season Long" Predictions

So, with the season upon us I figured it might be fun to have a place for “Bold Predictions”, please feel free to add yours here, its just a bit of fun…

My Bold Prediction is…

Despite Brady being at the helm for the season long duration the Pats fail to win their division for the first time in like…forever!


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My Bold Prediction… I will not win any money from any of my NFL Fantasy Leagues or Games that I have paid to enter.

I hope I am wrong.

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My bold prediction Ameer Abdullah goes over 1200 yards on the ground alone and becomes the most exciting Detroit back since Barry!!
Well that’s the dream in my head out the way!!


Sean - Don’t know if you gamble? If so Abdullah is 16-1 to be offensive rookie of the year with BetVictor


I will take those odds cheers

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Chicago Bears to earn the number 1 draft pick with a stinker of a year.

And (being a Chiefs homer, I’ll admit) Marcus Peters to be defensive rookie of the year. 28/1 with William Hill at the time of writing…

Like Peters, good value…

49ers to win more games than they lose…oh go away the lot of you!!!

Skins to win the NFC East :smile:

Wow that’s the boldest one so far Anders :open_mouth:

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