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NAME / TFP Username (if member / when known) (area coming from) All info in bold when entry fee paid

1. NOEL SYMONDS / bluelionman - (Merstham, Surrey)
2. DOUGLAS HAY / McBear - (Merstham, Surrey)
3. DANNY BINGHAM / - (Worthing, East Sussex)
4. DAVID BROWNE / - (???, Kent)
5. JON CARTWRIGHT / Chiefs1970 - (Southampton, Hampshire)

League Rules

These are the rules for bluelionman (Noel Symonds) and McBear (Douglas Hay) Premiership Fantasy Football Drafting game.

The cost to enter is £25 (payable in advance).

The draft is set for 3:00pm on Saturday August 1st 2015 - but would ask all managers to arrive by 2:30pm to be able to get admin out of the way - issuing you a players list, team form and sorting out the draft order.

The venue is the Toby Carvery, Redstone Hill, REDHILL, Surrey, RH1 4BL.

Toby Carvery - Redhill, Surrey

Do check out their website as they do a fantastic Roast Carvery - why not turn up earlier and have lunch first - makes a great lining for the stomach if your gonna hit the beer and if anyone is interested we can go on a pub crawl around Redhill after the draft has concluded?

This pub is located right next to Redhill train station (just across the road from Redhill Royal Mail Delivery Office) so easy to find if you come on the train - just exit the station via platform 3 (which is not the main exit/entrance) and follow the road down the hill (not the steps) and it will come out in a car park that’s right in front of the venue. Also if your driving or not a alcohol drinking person this venue has free unlimited refills on Pepsi and Lemonade so just buy your first glass and then keep going and refilling it - they have a machine so you don’t even have to queue at the bar. For those traveling by car they do have a small car park.

Now back to the business of fantasy football…

The maximum number of entrants is capped at 20 (to coincide with the real number of teams in the Premiership). However the league will still run with much less entrants but is a case of the more the merrier up to the maximum of 20. We only had 7 entrants last year (the fewest ever has been 6) and the most ever so far has been 12. However I try every year to promote this game to new people and hope all existing managers do to in the hope I can grow this league. The live draft really is the most fun part of the whole season and think all who have partaken in it will agree.

Naturally prizes will depend on how many entrants our league actually gets. All entry fees will be paid back out as prizes.

For example last year with just 7 entrants the prizes were: -

1st - £80
2nd - £40
3rd - £20
2ND HALF - £35

The idea behind the game is to try a different type of fantasy game where no one can have the same players and instead of a budget to spend we do a draft where each manager selects a team of players one at a time taking turns. However like in real life there is only one of each player so when someone selects them no one else can have them as they are gone.

Having run private fantasy football leagues for several years using the Telegraph’s fantasy football game we (McBear & myself - bluelionman) decided when launching this league we would use TFF’s game to facilitate our draft style game. This means we will use the Telegraph players list - if a player is not on the Telegraph current players list then they can not be drafted. If you click on the following link it will take you to the Telegraph’s player guide -

Players List

We will also be using the Telegraph’s scoring system. McBear will do the scoring as he gets the Telegraph every day and the Telegraph print their fantasy football scores for every player each Wednesday in their paper. He will add them up for each team and produce a league table each week throughout the course of the season (however there may be some weeks he cannot do this - like when he is abroad on holiday, in these instances he will catch up as soon as he can upon his return. What ever happens you will be brought up to date and not miss out on any weeks scoring). All league tables and total player points will be sent via e-mail.

The Telegraph allow a choice of team formations (see below), so as we use the Telegraph game you can select your team in any of these formations: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 3-4-3 or 4-5-1.

MY LEAGUE IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PLAY - so if you have any friends or family you think would be interested in playing please show them a copy of this information and get them to join up.

The scoring rules are as the Telegraph print’s them… we are just hijacking their game in the scoring aspect for our league and using their players list.

Scoring Points
The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible during the season.

Your selected players will score points as follows:

All players:
Starting XI appearance (2 pts)
Substitute appearance (1 pt)
Goal scored (5 pts)
Key Contribution (3 pts)
Red card (-3 pts)
Yellow card (-1 pt)
Missed penalty (-2 pts)
Own Goal (-3 pts)

Goalkeepers only:
Penalty save (5pts)

Goalkeepers/defenders only:
Full Clean sheet - player plays 60 mins or more (5 pts)
Part clean sheet - player plays fewer than 60 mins (2 pts)
First goal conceded (0 pts)
Each additional goal conceded (-1 pt)
Points are not awarded for penalty shoot outs.

In order to earn a full clean sheet bonus (5 points), your player must complete at least 60 minutes of the match and his team must keep a clean sheet for the entire match (excluding penalty shoot-outs).
If a player is on the pitch for less than 60 minutes and his team keeps a clean sheet for the full match, he’ll score a part clean sheet bonus (2 points).
All players still earn +2 points for being in the starting XI of a match and +1 for coming on as a substitute.
So, for example, if your player starts the match, plays an hour or more, and his team finishes the match with a clean sheet - then your goalkeeper/defender will score +7 points.

Points will not be awarded for penalty shoot-outs.

Once the draft is over all players unselected become free agents. Free agents can be transferred in at any time up until just after the transfer window closes (as some times the Telegraph is slow to add players). So our deadline is now - Tuesday 1st September @ 00:01. Transfers will only be actioned at the transfer window deadlines, transfers approved before the season starts will score for you from the start of the season, those transfers approved after the season has started will score for you from the following scoring TFF week after approval and your existing player will score for you until then.
All players transferred out become free agents available to be picked up by other managers under the transfer rules.
Transfers are on a one for one basis as long as your team stays in a legit formation - either 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 3-4-3 or 4-5-1. The way you do this is submit a transfer request by e-mail to me at this e-mail address: blmfantasygames@hotmail.co.uk

Transfers will be actioned one at a time - so if you wish to do more than one it would help if you number them with #1 being your top priority and so on. Your request may or may not be met depending on certain criteria. All transfer requests are queued and will be actioned on the first deadline after the request is received (deadlines listed below):-

Tuesday 4th August @ 00:01
Tuesday 11th August @ 00:01
Saturday 15th August @ 00:01
*Tuesday 18th August @ 00:01 - TFF WK 2
*Tuesday 25th August @ 00:01 - TFF WK 3
*Tuesday 1st September @ 00:01 - TFF WK 4

Bold deadline = any approved transfers will count from the start of the season - TFF WK 1.
*Transfers approved at that dead line will score for you from the TFF week listed.

The transfer window will remain open for the whole of August (trying to mirror the real Premier League).
The way transfers are done pre-season/August window is in reverse of the draft order. All transfers are queued and the person top of the queue gets their first submitted one. So whoever drafted in last position in Round 1 at the draft is first in this queue. However once anyone has had a transfer done they go back to the bottom of the queue.

January Transfer Window (During Season)

There will be 1 transfer window during the season. The queue order will be how the order was when the August transfer window closed after last transfers were actioned plus taking into account any Special Dispensation Transfers that may have taken place since (as in manager goes to bottom of queue if they had any Special Dispensation Transfers approved).

As with the pre-season transfers you submit e-mails to the above special address - players must be on the Telegraph players list…. so it may be worth you getting an up to date list from the Telegraphs website or buying their paper on a Wednesday (which is when they print the player scores).

Every Tuesday throughout January at 00:01 transfers will be actioned and an e-mail sent out showing the new team line ups and new transfer queue for the following week. The final transfer deadline of this window will be on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 @ 00:01. Transfers take effect from the first scoring week after they are actioned. Until then your original player will continue to score points for your team.

January Transfer Window deadlines:-

*Tuesday 5th January @ 00:01 - TFF WK 22
*Tuesday 12th January @ 00:01 - TFF WK 23
*Tuesday 19th January @ 00:01 - TFF WK 24
*Tuesday 26th January @ 00:01 - TFF WK 25
*Tuesday 2nd February @ 00:01 - TFF WK 26

*Transfers approved at that dead line will score for you from the TFF week listed in BOLD.

These days/dates have been used as the Telegraph Fantasy Football weeks for scoring purposes run from Tuesday - Monday, so we are falling in line with that.
The way you know who is available and who is not is by looking at the latest team list update I send out - any players not listed in any ones current team are available as long as they are on the Telegraph players list and (have a code number). I will e-mail out updates whenever any transfer action occurs during the season and after all transfer window deadlines. It may seem complicated but that is just because it is hard to explain it all in writing. Everyone who took part last year can help new comers and I am always contactable to help explain things that seem unclear - just get in touch with me.

Please do not be put off - all the work is mainly down to McBear (Douglas Hay) and myself bluelionman (Noel Symonds).

Now the best way to get transfers done is submit multiple choices - for instance if you want rid of a player from your team but don’t know if you will be first in line for your first choice - submit many choices like in the example here:-

OUT - Defender - Joe Blogs (Ars)

IN -

(1) Defender - J. Terry (Che)
(2) Defender - L. Shaw (Man U)
(3) Defender - L. Baines (Eve)

Then what will happen is you will get the first choice of yours who is still available when it‘s your turn in the transfer queue. If no one in your list is still available then nothing will happen and you will keep the guy you have. As if you had not submitted a transfer request.

You can only apply for a ‘special dispensation transfer’ when the normal transfer window is shut. Secondly to apply for a transfer you must meet these 3 strict criteria:-

  1. Your player must not have played for a Premiership club for 3 consecutive TFF Weeks (in any competition - not just Premiership or FA Cup games).
  2. He must have left the Premiership (via transfer or loaned out) or have a long term injury.
  3. You must submit evidence of this in your transfer request e-mail - by enclosing a link to a news article that clearly shows one of the above, i.e. a current article showing said player has gone on loan to a Championship club or has a long term injury etc. As a rule of thumb I would say the player when you apply for the change should be looking to be out for at least another 3 consecutive weeks if injured (after the 3 weeks wait time to have applied under this SDT rule).

I use Physioroom.com’s Premier League Injury table as my guide for approving or denying SDT requests and use their listed dates so you can check on there same as I can - if a player is listed as no return date then that is considered by me to be longer than 3 weeks away for your information.

Physio Room Premier League Injury Table

You put in for a SD transfer in the same way you would during the regular transfer windows saying who you would like 1st, 2nd etc. (as other managers may also have a long term injury and be applying under this rule to).

I will investigate and if all the above criteria are met your transfer will go through to start at the next scoring TFF Week after I receive the request or after your current player has been out 3 weeks and you still meet the above criteria (should you have submitted your request early). This is because injuries are part and parcel of the game and I feel it’s unfair for someone with a long term injury to be able to make a change right away when a person with a short term injury can not. So to balance this out is why I insist on the 3 weeks wait time. Some injuries may not be so servere and so then you have to wait for your player to return but those that are very long term I deem it to be unfair to be handicapped for months at a time so I came up with this Special Dispensation Transfer rule. When a SDT request is actioned you and everyone in the league will be informed of my decision. If I decline your request I will explain the reasons why but it can only be declined if some of the above criteria are not met or you have put in for a player that has gone to another manager using this rule or if approving the request would leave you with an illegal formation etc.

If you know your players out for a long time (or left the Premiership) you can put the request in straight away but it can not be actioned until the player has not played or scored you any points for at least 3 consecutive TFF weeks. Putting the request in early just insures I am more likely to pick it up and action it as soon as it can be done under the rules so that from the 4th week your new player is approved and on your team.

This game was always designed for the long term and to offer continuity from season to season for returning managers. To that ends this is a keeper league - however I do try to make it better and some years tinker with the rules in a bid to make it a better experience for those that put the effort in. In a bid to make it more attractive to new mangers (who won’t have any keepers their first year of joining or re-joining after a sabbatical) from this year I am tinkering with the draft positions. This year anyone returning from last season drafts last in a reverse of last years finishing positions. All new GM’s draw a random number on draft day to go above the existing managers. This is to offset the possible advantage existing GM’s have from there keeper option which new GM’s will not have their first season. Other than that everything else remains the same as last year other than from this year there are no ‘auto draft’ teams as it was taking mine and McBear’s attention away from our own drafts trying to keep up doing other peoples teams not to mention the whole idea behind this game was to make a live face to face draft game. The draft will remain a snake format with last years bottom placed manager drafting top of the returning managers and the champion drafting dead last in the first round. All new managers will fill slots above existing managers in the first round by drawing numbers to see who fills what spots.

Any new managers joining have no keepers (as any non returning managers players are all released back into the draft) and so they will draft in each of the 11 rounds as will any existing managers that elect to not have a keeper this year.

All managers from last year wanting to keep a player from their finishing team of last season can and it works as follows:-

  1. Keepers selected will count as the *round pick the player was selected in last year - regardless of who drafted them (*subject to rule 2).
  2. However if the same manager is keeping the same player in consecutive seasons the drafted round pick goes up by +1 round each season. This only applies if the same manager is keeping the exact same player as he or she did the previous season - not a different/new manager (as in that instance the same round as the player was drafted last year will apply). Also if your keeper was a first round pick last season they can not go up any more so will remain a first round pick this year if kept.
  3. Any players chosen as keepers that were not drafted last year will be allocated as an 11th round pick.

Also to allow this keeper system to not be so hard to administer on the draft day itself there is an earlier keeper deadline. If you are taking part this year and wish to select a keeper you have to inform me by e-mail before Tuesday 28th July @ 00:01 (so to be clear that’s midnight Monday 27th going into Tuesday 28th). You can change your mind up to that point on who you wish to keep but last choice I have from you at that deadline is your keeper. If you have not selected anyone you have no keeper and will draft every round like any new manager will. Just to let everybody know who’s gone and to put people at ease I got their choices I will confirm by e-mail before the draft which players were kept and what round pick they will be allocated to for each manager under the above keeper rules. The reason for doing this is so McBear and I can get things straight in advance of the draft and take some of the pressure off us on the day itself - hopefully resulting in a more organised and smooth draft. It also allows you all to plan your draft strategy a bit more should you wish to know who will not be available and what round pick your rival owners have lost for their chosen keeper player.

Keeper players will be written down on team sheets and those players taken off the board before commencing with the draft as normal.

LIVE DRAFT ONLY - from this year to make this game work and improve my chances as I found it to much work to try and auto draft others teams as well as keep up with my own team plans have decided to trial not allowing auto draft teams as this was always designed to be a Live Draft league - besides I run numerous games online that can be joined from afar. I know this will loose me a few players but am hoping I now know enough people online who will be up for this league and willing to attend a live draft to compensate this switch. So this is 100% a LIVE drafting league - which means physically turning up on the day and probably the most fun aspect of the whole game - meeting other managers, putting faces to names you may have seen in many of my fantasy sports games, having a few drinks and selecting your own team while talking football.

Drafting positions are decided in two ways - for returning managers the draft positions are a reverse of last years final league table with all new managers going above them in the order they draw numbers for.

At the live draft a bag will contain the numbers for the new managers positions (up to however many spaces we have - depending how many managers we get) and new managers will draw a number from the bag which will be their draft position.

When the draft starts it will snake - that means last years champion (if they return) will select last in Round 1 but will select 1st in Round 2 (dependent on there keeper as they could fill one of those spots). So for instance in a 20 strong league they will get picks 20 and 21.

Sheets will be provided to all on draft day to fill in as the draft takes place.

I suggest you bring your own pen(s) to the draft - I recommend a biro and highlighter and if you have one (only a few quid if you don‘t) would also suggest bringing a clipboard.

Now if you know you are in for this game please pay me in advance to secure your spot - as first to pay are locked in and when league is full (20 players) it’s full. PayPal or cash is my preferred method of payment.

When a manager has paid they will be bolded on the list of managers (top of this thread) who have signed up for this game.

Any tie for prize positions at the end of the season will result in an adding together of the prize’s due for those tied positions and then them being split equally between the tying managers.

2nd HALF Prize
This is an extra prize that was intended to stop people tanking (giving up) because they feel they have nothing left to play for as in fact doing badly gives them a better draft spot the following season. So the entry fee went up by £5 a few seasons back and that £5 per entrant exclusively went to make up the 2nd HALF prize. So the more teams in the league the bigger this prize is (x @ fiver per team).

A snap shot of the league is taken at the start of January. So after the last scoring week up date is done to include scores up to Monday 28/12/15 (TFF Week 20). How the league looks at this point is very important as a record will be kept. Then from this table the prize will be won by the team that has improved the most league positions by the end of the season. However should there be a tie between 2 or more teams for most improved positions (quite likely) the tie-break criteria is your second half season points, so only the points scored from the first TFF scoring week in January (TFF WK 21) 29/12/15 until the end of the season.

This way this prize almost certainly will not go to the league leader at the turn of the year as they are unable to improve any league positions - being first. So their only chance to win this prize would be if no one changed positions in the league (from how the league looked at the turn of the year when the snap shot was taken) and then also out score everyone else for most points in the 2nd half of the season (the 2nd criteria). A BIG ASK - but actually has happened once before in this league!

(Based on last years finishing positions)

1-13 Any New GM’s
14. Steve Matharu x (not returning this season)
15. Noel Symonds
16. Tony Hamm x (not returning this season)
17. Andy Smith x (not returning this season)
18. Danny Bingham
19. Dougie Hay
20. David Browne

I would ask if you know you’re playing this year if you could confirm this to me ASAP and also make payment before the draft day if possible to confirm your spot but at the latest by midnight the day before the event please. Everyone is asked to please be at the draft venue by 14:30 on the day - this is so I can get the daft order correct and be able to start the draft on time at 3pm. Also getting here early will allow you to get your draft info in order and buy yourself a drink before we start. & that my friends is pretty much it. If you want to discuss anything or have any questions on this game please feel free to e-mail me or post them here on this thread and I will be happy to explain or answer them to the best of my ability.

Best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

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Just wanted to check how this game is doing - I can see there have been no new players joining since me. Has there been any more interest from other potential players? 5 people doesn’t feel like enough to make a decent competition.

It’s a great idea and really deserves a lot more interest - the only reason I’m not returning this year is that I can’t make the draft date and time and Noel (rightly, in my opinion) wants a full attendance with no autodrafting. Sign up, give it a go - it’s fun!

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I don’t like to put people down unless I am sure they will come Jon - I have had bites at work but work colleagues are notorious at letting me down and blowing out so unless they paid in advance I wasn’t listing them. Being as I want more will let people turn up and pay on the day even though I wanted to get this out the way in advance. Also knocking auto drafters on the head has cost me a few players.

I will be advertising on a fantasy game site tonight called FISO that may get me some players - I stayed off there at first as the most likely guys to get from there are serious players - a case in point I got one guy off there last season and he won the game last year first time out.

Trust me I’d like more players but can only do what I can I ask everyone to spread the word but it is hard organising everything - still come buddy as it’s still good fun. Will give another push at work today and will plug online at various places tonight and think can get more by weekend.

But what I can’t do is promise what is out of my control. Personally I love the game since I started it.

Fair enough Noel. Appreciate you are still trying to push the game - I have nudged a few people at work but no takers here so far. Will continue to ask around.
Just to be clear, as long as the game is going ahead then I will definitely be coming to Redhill on Saturday. I was only asking as I didn’t know if you had a minimum number of players in mind to make the game worthwhile.

cheers, Jon

Too far to come for me unless I can phone bid :smile:

Have no fear on that one it runs regardless but know for sure we will have 6 on Saturday minimum (including you in that number).


The deadline has been reached and the following are the Keepers for this year (rounds pick manager will loose for their keeper in brackets).

1-13 New GM’s - n/a
14. Steve Matharu - not playing this year
15. Noel Symonds - (GLK) T. Courtois - CHE (11)
16. Tony Hamm - not playing this year
17. Andy Smith - not playing this year
18. Danny Bingham - no keeper selected
19. Dougie Hay - (MID) E. Hazard - CHE (1)
20. David Browne - (MID) J. Henderson - LIV (11)

Those managers with no keeper listed may or may not be playing this year. This will only be confirmed at the draft itself but as they have not submitted a keeper by the keeper deadline for this season (as per the rules), should they turn up at the draft they will draft in every round and not be allowed to keep any one from their finishing team of last season.

Also as from this year am trialling making this a live event only (no auto draft teams) so should anyone not show up for the live draft then their keeper will be put back in to the draft.

Noel (BLM) - League Chairman

1st) £70 - Jon Cartwright - SOUNESS MONSTERS - 1667
2nd) £30 - David Browne - RELEGATED LAUGHING - 1473

2nd HALF Winner) £25 - Jon Cartwright - SOUNESS MONSTERS - +0 places (934 points)

I hope to see you all in the Toby Carvery/Lakers Hotel for season 9’s draft (which will be the very first Saturday before the first Championship or Premier League game of the new season - which ever is the earlier).

To make it easier for people to plan being able to attend the live draft it was decided a few years ago the draft will always be hosted on the first Saturday before either the first Championship or Premier League game of the new season - which ever is the earlier.

Last but not least please tell others how much fun this different way of doing fantasy football is as I would really like to grow the league - it’s in all our interests as it will make the prizes bigger!
I am going to look into an online game that this years winner has alerted me to that may suit my switching to using which will make this fantasy football game much more active once the season starts and would take the pressure and time off McBear who currently does all the scoring . It could also perhaps help me reboot the league and get back to the numbers I had for this when I first started it (double figures) over 8 years ago.

So look out for details in about a months time and please spread the word and get your mates involved to if you can.

Best regards,

Noel Symonds (aka bluelionman)

Season Long Table

1st - Jon Cartwright - SOUNESS MONSTERS - 1667
2nd - David Browne - RELEGATED LAUGHING - 1473
3rd - Noel Symonds - CRUSHED F.C. - 1416
4th - Dougie Hay - SURREY BEARS - 1291
5th - Danny Bingham - PONY - 1122

2nd Half Table

1. Jon Cartwright - SOUNESS MONSTERS - +0 - 934 points
2. Noel Symonds - van DUTCH - +0 - 825 points
3. David Browne - RELEGATED LAUGHING - +0 - 800 points
4. Dougie Hay - SURREY BEARS - +0 - 728 points
5. Danny Bingham - PONY - +0 - 615 points

*There were no position changes in the second half of the season come the end which meant it went to the tie-breaker of 2nd half points scored.

Awesome, I had forgotten the second half rules so hadn’t realised I had won both prizes :moneybag: