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BLM'S PREM DRAFT LEAGUE - Thu 10th Aug 23:00 BST


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Hey all my attempt to run 2 leagues on DFF didn’t pan out and I have scrapped the idea and voided the league that was attempted on there.

I have since decided to run ONE league only using Fantasy Premier Leagues new draft game client.

With the season starting in less than a week there’s very little time so have had to pick a time and
date that suits me and is before the season starts.

For this reason I have gone for a late evening draft UK time - I apologise for those of you that have early starts and thus cant be at the draft live but alas I don’t finish work till 9pm and have to walk and ride a train home so cant be sure what time I’ll get in so went for 11pm to be on the safe side.

I also really can’t decide a few things so thought I’d run polls - I will go with the majority options as of 24hrs before the draft itself (so as they stand at 23:00 Wednesday night).

Preferred Money League Stake

  • £25
  • £50

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League Type

  • Classic - (total players fantasy points decide your position in league)
  • Head to Head - (3 points a win, 1 point a Draw - play one other team in league each week your team v theirs)

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Code to join this league: 387401-94411

Draft Date: Thu 10th Aug 2017
Draft Time: 23:00
Draft Time Zone: Europe/London
Starting Gameweek: 1
Min. League Size: 6
Max. League Size: 16
Pick Time Limit: 90 seconds

where is this site

Sorry duenni does the hub link at the top not take you there?

It’s on the Premier Leagues own website - Fantasy Premier League - Draft section.

Draft - Premier League

If the work comes in early I will be able to draft on Thursday night.

Nice one McBear - the league will let you sign up right until the draft starts - or if you know you want to play anyway you could sign up and start to make up your own Auto Draft list and then it will auto draft for you but you can take over at anytime if you get on line.

DuffyDunk Drafters signed up, thanks Noel.

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Okay people it’s a quarter past midnight - so 1 hour 15 mins after the deadline for the polls so I took a screen shot of what I was looking at and we have clear majorities which I can now confirm will be how this league works for this season.

So the league will be £25 entry a team and will be Classic scoring.

Please tell your mates and work colleagues - still time to get involved - draft is tonight at 11pm.

Final Table Screenshot:

Highest Weekly Score / Team Screenshot: