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BLM'S PREM DRAFT LEAGUE (FPL) 2019/20 - Money League (£25 @ Team)


Do you follow the Premier League?

Would you like to get involved in a draft type fantasy money league on it?

Then read on my friend as I have just such a league drafting this Sunday at 4pm. I have picked a live draft date and time for this league to give people some clarity as to when it will take place so they can know if they are able to commit to it or not and or make arrangements for it.

Each entrant that signs up can vote for the scoring settings we will use - either Classic (as we had in this league last year) or Head to Head. One team one vote - which you will cast by posting on the leagues message board. Whichever option the majority are in favour of come Saturday night at midnight (going into Sunday - draft day) will be which setting we go with. If by some chance it’s a tie I will flip a coin - can’t really say fairer than that.

The entry fee will be the same as last season - £25 per team. I will confirm prizes after the draft but before the season starts when I know how many teams we have (unless I get a full quota of 16 players prior to then in which case I can then work out the prizes before the draft itself - which would be better. All entry fees will be paid back out as prizes 100%).

I am using Fantasy Premier Leagues draft game for this money league.

League details:

You may have noticed from the above league info I have activated player trading in this league where it goes to a vote system - this means managers can vote against a trade (hopefully they only do this if they think the trade is unfair) but to get a trade vetoed it takes 50% of managers to vote against it - not only that a trade is approved at the waiver deadline and the system takes any non team manager votes as approval. So it is much more likely trades will go through than not - and also means managers should pay attention to trades when notified and use their veto option if they don’t agree with it.

I have stuck with the standard default of 90 seconds per pick - I know some find this to long but equally others don’t so decided to keep to the default setting (the system allows for me to set it at 30 through to 120 seconds).

I have switched to a Sunday afternoon for the live draft in the hope it will suit as many prospective players as possible and as this game allows overseas players am hoping some will join us to. Furthermore if times don’t suit those overseas am hoping the fact it’s a Sunday may allow them to work around it being a weekend day. I have decided to send this info out by e-mail and post it on TFP and the first 15 to commit and pay up are in.

I will send a direct invite to the league when a person pays the entry fee - that way I guarantee its first come first served, nor do I then have to chase anyone for payment and can confirm the prizes sooner rather than later.

Direct Links

BLM’S PREM DRAFT LEAGUE - https://draft.premierleague.com

All that remains now is for you to decide - are you in - or out?

best regards,

bluelionman Noel Symonds

PS If you don’t know how to pay just PM me for the low down.

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Head’s up everyone the live draft has been moved - it’s now 25 hours later at 4pm (UK time) on Sunday 4th August.

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Sorry Noel I would have been very keen for this but I don’t think that 4pm on Sunday will work for me - Bristol City’s first home game vs Leeds kicks off at 4.30pm on Sunday :-1:

Don’t suppose there’s any chance of making it say 3pm Sunday?

All I can do is ask the folks already committed and come back to you.

Cheers Noel - let me know :+1:

For avoidance of doubt draft is 4pm - jrt55555 contacted me to say even if we moved draft time today was now not any good for him.

We are 6 teams so we will go ahead but if anyone wants in contact me ASAP as just under 2hrs till live draft time.

As we ended up with just 7 teams in the end this year I e-mailed FPL to find out what happens in a Head to Head draft league when ending up with an odd number of teams and this was the answer I received:

If a head-to-head league has an uneven number of entries, then an average team will be added. This team will not have any players in, but will score an average Gameweek score based on the scores in that individual league.

Hey all,

Despite my best efforts plugging and advertising this game I only got 7 teams in for this season. So money collected in is £175 - 7 entries at £25 each.

I really wish I could find more people annually (10-12 teams I think is the ideal number) but for now we remain a single digit entry pool. So for this year I wish to confirm the prizes will be as follows:


1st = £100
2nd = £50
Highest Weekly Score (of season) = £25

So in theory the maximum prize possible is £125 (as the winner could nab the best weekly score prize to - but equally gives everyone else something to aim for and keep trying their best to set line ups each week as if they can have 1 mega week could salvage their season by getting their team entry cost back).

Thanks for taking part this year and I do hope you can spread the word to your friends and family etc., as the season progresses in the hope some might like to join in with us next year.

Last but not least I hope you enjoy the season.

Best regards,

bluelionman Noel Symonds

PS I ran a poll again this year as I did last year to see what type of scoring league was wanted and this year the majority were in favour of a Head to Head format (the opposite outcome to last season which fell heavily in favour of a Classic scoring league). So this year league is a H2H format.

Hey all,

I’ve been in discussion with the Premier League Draft people and to my horror they are not finishing the draft leagues but ended them early when the pause for Covid-19 occurred - just didn’t care to tell people. I think this is wrong as at the time teams had played an unequal amount of games and the season has restarted so I have decided to continue the league manually. The site still operates, you can make transactions and set line-ups. It scores everything just as the normal FPL game does still. All the fixtures are all still listed and I was able to go in and see everyone’s weekly points for the week just finished. Only thing I was unable to view was the AVERAGE TEAMS weekly score. I’ve done some calculations and worked out the average weekly score in the draft league was 7 points less than the main game over weeks 1 - 29 comparing the two’s scores. Here are my calculations - the purple score is the average in the main FPL game, black is the Game Week number, green is the average score in our draft league and blue (in brackets) is the difference between the two for that game week.

The difference works out to -7.3 points less in the draft game over the standard game - seems about right as we don’t have tokens in the draft version or captains etc. So, to finish our season unless FPL tell me otherwise will use the main games average score minus 7 points to work out our league average teams score for the remaining game weeks below.

I have been able to reallocate the new game weeks as follows:

GW30+ (Prem restart Wed. June 17th - Mon. 22nd)

GW31+ (Tue. June 23rd - Fri. 26th)

GW32+ (Sat. June 27th - Thur. July 2nd)

GW33+ (Sat. July 4th - Mon. 6th)

GW34+ (Tue. July 7th - Thur. 9th)

GW35+ (Sat. July 11th - Mon. 13th)

GW36+ (Tue. July 14th - Fri. 17th)

GW37+ (Sat. July 18th - Wed. 22nd)

GW38+ (Sun. July 26th)

So, I will update after each game week to finish the season correctly.

These are the fixtures for the remaining weeks:

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 30+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 31+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 32+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 33+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 34+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 35+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 36+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 37+):

Here are the updated league standings (post GW 38+):


A big congratulations to s.devereux Sam Devereux (TFP’er) who took down this seasons FPL Draft. I will be running this league again next season so look out for details on this forum as soon as FPL launch there new game.