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BLM Premier League Draft - online £50 Money League

While trying to recruit for my live Premier League offline Pub Draft that ultimately I cancelled due to lack of numbers I found what I deem to be enough people showing interest in the actual game website I was planning to use - so much so am trying for an online live draft league.

The game site needs a minimum of 8 teams (and maximum of 12 teams) per league.

So I have picked a date trying to avoid clashes with any other league drafts I have seen on here already put up (for NFL) but also still have it on a weekend day to allow the best chance to work for as many people as possible.

So I propose a live draft to take place on-line Sunday 7th August - 6pm UK time

I propose this to be a £50 internal entry fee league. (So total costs will be £54.99 as the website charges you £4.99 for the season to join their web-site and have access to the league, live draft room and game for the whole season).

This may seem like a lot but if you divide it by the number of weeks of the Premier League football season I think you will find it breaks down to about £1.25 a week.

I will work out the prize money (all the £50’s go back out as prize money) once I know how many people sign up and have all paid.

So please have a good read of the rules, scoring and what have you on this website and if you like what you see and want in please post here that your in and if we get to 8 players (minimum needed) then I will set up the league and invite you all to join (so register with the website and pay their £4.99 fee plus join my league) and then once you have joined ask you to pay the £50 internal entry fee to me before the live draft itself.

So below is a list of those who sign up and when they have paid they will be moved up the list on that basis and bolded - to show they have paid.

EDIT - Entry fee to be paid before live draft - so anyone who has not paid by midnight Saturday August 6th (going into Sunday August 7th) will be deleted from the league and not be taking part. Also as this league needs an even number of teams to work should this mean an odd number of teams are left then a dummy team will be entered by the website itself - unfortunately this will reduce the prize money as this will be an un-paid for team. But the website when you read there rules explains how all this would work if needed.

BLM £50 Online Premier League Draft Sign Up List (Bolded when internal entry fee paid)

NAME (team name) / TFP Username (if a registered TFP user) - (Location)

1. NOEL SYMONDS (Shak Attack) / bluelionman (Merstham, Surrey)
**2. ROB RUTHERFORD & JAY LOCK (Borussia Teeth) / LukeClosely - (Chesterfield, Derbyshire)
3. STEVE SMITH (Presleys Heroes ) / stevefringe - (Maidstone, Kent)
4. ALAN ROBERTS (Did women prefer Flowers to Seaman?) / Alan_Roberts - (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)
5. IAN WRAY (Grecian Toffee Bengals) / grecian2010 - (Weybridge, Surrey)
6. DANIEL NICHOLS (Aint got a kalou) / Flacco2012 - (Middlesbrough, Cleveland)
7. CHRIS JENNINGS (The Peanut Butter Conspiracy) / chrisj2812 - (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)
8. JON CARTWRIGHT (Jerzy Boys) / JonCartwright - (Southampton, Hampshire)
9. ANDY DUENNER (FC Englisberg) / ??? - (Bern, Switzerland)

Prize Money Poll

  • Option A (£225 playoff winner, £125 playoff runner up, £50 playoff 3rd place, + £50 for the league winner after 36 games)
  • Option B (£250 playoff winner, £150 playoff runner up, £50 playoff 3rd place)

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Count me in for this Noel

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Always wanted to do a snake footy draft so count me in Noel

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Better warn you up front Alan, I am red hot at this !!

Red hot won’t cut it against me. I’m white hot if that is indeed hotter

duly noted… :fire:

Nice one chaps (Alan & Jon) - added you both to the list, please help me spread the word. :sunglasses:

If you can delay the start time until 6pm i will play. I have to go to a birthday meal in Chester and i’ve no chance of getting home for 4pm.

I don’t have a problem with that - but only fair to ask those that have already signed up on the current info so if JonCartwright & Alan_Feelers are okay to put back to 6pm I’ll happily adjust to that time.

Fine by me

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And me

That’s decided then - draft time now 6pm UK time - 7/8/16 .:thumbsup:

Deal me in buddy I will email you later regarding payment

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Thanks guys. :kissing_heart:

Noel, count me in.

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What’s the league invite number?

@chrisj2812 It’s not set up yet Chris as was waiting till we got 7 definites before I could be sure of sufficient numbers to go ahead. Looking good so far and will tell everyone to go ahead and pay to join RFF site once list hits 7 players as then can be sure we have enough players.

Count me in also, please! Ian Wray - Grecian Toffee Bengals.

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Hi Noel I’m thinking of playing this game. Never done a draft style soccer game before so this has caught my eye! Count me in
Rob Rutherford

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hi noel ill will join, let me know if thats ok and i send you the money

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Iv paypalled you £50 Noel. My team name is Borussia Teeth