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Blazing the 40, are you in..?

So as we all know each year at the combine Eisen runs the 40 and this year he finally managed to beat 6 seconds… Or so they say.

Typically at the same time of year people across the US send in vids of their own effort at the 40, some more impressive than others but all good banter. This year I gave thought to putting on my runners, suit and a serious face to record my own 40 but was a little slow off the mark. This got me to thinking however… What better way to kick off our fantasy draft day and upcoming season than a league 40???

What better way to show the level of interest over here than to have a bunch of fans in suits, ties and sneakers running the dash on video!!

The idea being that we send the riveting film :movie_camera: to the Eisen show to celebrate the start of the new season and in doing so advertising our league and more importantly TFP all while kicking off our draft day with a little 40 chaos.

For those willing to take part we would need…

  1. A relatively quiet road or car park to hold the speed laden event.

  2. A steady hand videographer (we should get this in one take :wink:)

  3. Two serious looking individuals to time the blur from start to finish.

  4. Runners dressed in a suit like get-up with sneakers, a white shirt and cheap tie who are aware of the sprint starting position and hopefully capable of finishing the marathon sprint.

Many of us stay over in Red Hill for the night and so there would be plenty of places to change post run. If like me you don’t have a suit that is fit for the big event no problem, there are over 5 months to find a cheap shirt, stick on tie and suit like jacket from a host of charity shops out there. After all, the more authentic it looks the better the impact shall be.

At this point I’m interested to know if anybody is up for joining me? Or am I a little crazy?

; )

I’m 100% in and yes I’m a little crazy

Nice one Sean, well it looks like we might be on our own here. May as well use the opportunity to have a bit of fun while also registering that the 40 dash is no longer limited to just the US. Lets talk nearer the draft chap.

Sounds like a good idea for draft day :smile:

Happy to be involved looking forward to it

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I’m all in. Will have to start training now!!! Ha Ha!
Best to find a Teflon coated suit to aid in the aerodynmics.
Perhaps some helium filled sneakers to assist moving my lard ass!

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Love it, nice one Drew… Will post more about this nearer our own draft…

Until then it would be great to have a few more “all in’s”…

Well three is not bad

I was planning to run my 40 at my own Pro Day with selected scouts… but I could be tempted to join in with you guys. Just hope I don’t pull a hammy and scupper my draft prospects!


Years of training And it comes down to this !!

Brilliant Jon! that gives us 4… any more?

We also still need at least one timer… and maybe somebody with a party popper gun at the start :smile:

I always try my best to avoid cardio :smiley: But I’d be happy to conduct stopwatch duties!


Nice one dude, the spot is yours!

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any more?

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I thought I would get pin training by watching videos then a lie down !

I’d be happy to run

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Nice one James, great stuff!

Just so people are clear, the intention here is to kind of mimmick what Eisen does so if athletes can wear something resembling a suit with tie and runners for the big sprint that would be awesome! The recorded blur will be sent into the Eisen show at the start of the season as a bit of fun and to register the first ever UK 40 while letting the US know we are “all in” here in the UK :blush: :wink: :yum:

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I can’t believe how I never seen this thread or category till now - some years to late but it would of been good - don’t suppose you guys actually did this did you?

No Mate, sadly not. unsure why we never, think the timing was off, it would need to happen at our draft but would only become really relevant in March when the combine takes place.

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