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Blast from the Past

Evening guys,

I’m writing a set of articles for the Chiefs UK website this season - for each game, I am writing about a previous encounter with the same opponent (to make it harder for myself, I am going to try to do a different past season for each game!)

To get the ball rolling, I have done the Chiefs’ match up with the Texans from 2003:

Promise I won’t clog up the site with all 16 articles (and even more if/when we reach the post season) ! But would love to hear any thoughts on this one.

cheers, Jon

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Really enjoyed that Jon!

As a reader of NFL articles I look for informative or humorous, if you get both its usually a great read. This is very much the former which makes it a nice read. If I could offer some advice, I was looking for a link into or some comparisons into the game this week but they never came, maybe that is intentional?

All the best

Cheers Gordon.
To be honest, the website is aiming to do a match preview each week and a match report each week, this ‘throwback’ piece is just intended as a little extra to introduce fans to some of the star players of the past they might not know about.

Interesting idea to see if I could tie more in to this week’s game, will have to see what I can work on future articles.

Enjoy your holiday !

Thanks man, please dont take me wrong, I did really enjoy your article, I learnt some good stuff from it.

Good luck with it fella, keep em coming please.

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Been keeping myself busy writing a Blast From The Past piece each week for the Chiefs fans website. The week 4 one (away at the Bengals in 1984) has just gone up and they are all here


(PS, you may notice that the Chiefs do surpirsingly well in all the games I pick to review…!)