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Blab video chat shows

Has anyone tried this before? The tech seems quite cool but the amount of existing ‘shows’ on it seems pretty tiny right now. Basically it’s a way to live stream video chat shows with up to 4 video participants plus an unlimited live chat room.

Was thinking of trying it out for TFP. To work meaningfully you’d want to do it at scheduled times though. I imagine @Outsiders68 and @bluelionman would like to do something like this.

Here’s the link for anyone interested - https://blab.im

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Looks like you can also record shows through Blab, so you do the live show but create an archived version too.

Here’s an example of the type of show: https://blab.im/peter-roumeliotis-popternative-with-natalie-spooner-and-rachel-schwartz

Really good shout Adam, this looks like it could be ideal

What about scheduling a pre-draft blab discussion with a few of us? (4 can be on video, any extra can join the text chat.) Could do it perhaps for this Sunday or the following one, at some suitable time in the evening…

Any takers? @bluelionman @Outsiders68 @Dean @Superstar

Cant personally do it this Sunday as travelling but give it a shot if you can.

Sorry I was stuck in Hungary and only catching up with TFP posts now but would like to give this a try - maybe can highlight some fantasy games we got coming up especially the live off-line leagues people have coming up and still looking for more players to join. Perhaps TFP Originals can talk about their own experiences so far of live offline money leagues?

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