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I am shocked and disgusted - got the following e-mail this morning:

Now I have seen documentaries and heard of people who consistently win having there accounts closed or stakes limited (which I also feel is unfair) but I do not fall into that category. In fact I keep records and so far I have credited £350 to my Betfair Sportsbook a/c and my last 3 bets each for £10 lost making my balance there £70 currently - so down £280 total with them recreational betting since I opened my a/c in July 2014.

There for I can’t see how I am any kind of threat nor done anything to warrant this!
Think the punters should have better protection from the government - I think it should be illegal to turn business away - if you offer a price then any ones money should be good - you can adjust the price if your exposure is to great etc., sure - after all they in business to make money but limiting peoples stakes I think is fundamentally wrong!

The sports books are happy to take £1000’s of losers (like myself) but not even begrudgingly pay winners anything closing there a/c’s. This is wrong and gamblers collectively need to stand up against this!

Hi Noel,

I dont get why you have have been disallowed promotional bets and I also dont get why you have not been given a reason. Were you possibly betting exclusively om promotions by any chance?

Seems harsh and surprising to say the least.


Maybe you didn’t see my post in WhatsApp but I sent them an e-mail venting my spleen and they called me yesterday evening to apologise. They said it was a technical error and that some accounts had received that e-mail / action that should not have. Hmmm… any how outcome is my account is now back to normal and I am allowed to partake in all promos etc., plus by way of an apology they have credited my a/c with a free £25 bet. I did spend about an hour on that e-mail so kind of earned that me thinks but all’s well that ends well. :ok_hand:

Cool, nice one dude!