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Bet365 in-play free monies thread & football bets

I thought I’d post a new thread for the season so we can share our bet365 in-play tips and any other football bets/tips we have for the season.

For those that don’t know, every so often bet365 have a fantastic offer on the big games where you get a risk free in-play bet up to a matched £50. What this means is you can literally guarantee a winner every time they do this offer by playing with £100 and betting pre-match the safer bet and then betting the higher odds riskier opposite in-play. Sometimes it will be a couple of pounds to thirty or so if the first bet wins and sometimes you will win big if the in-play bet lands. If the in-play bet loses they refund you your £50.

Technically it is against the terms and conditions but I have never known anybody not getting paid from this. The benefits this has from the hundreds of thousands who take up the offer far outweighs any negatives to the company from those who guarantee a win. Last year alone I cashed in thousands of pounds by just backing both teams to score in the 1st half in-play.

And that’s what I did today for the Arsenal Liverpool game.

I don’t think I have ever cheered a Liverpool goal like that Coutinho free-kick before!

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It has been one of those days. Still one bet left to run with Barcelona later!

Back on to the topic of bet365. Did anybody else take advantage today? The next time the offer is up I will bump the thread.

Well done, you’ve got those bookies on the run!

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Back tonight for the Barcelona Man City game.

Nice I do the offer but never done like you thinking there’d void it as you can’t go so they say both ways to guarantee a return… however will next time it’s up and see what happens - on a bad run right now lost about £30 today on the horses and £15 on the football.

I hate Cup weekends football betting wise!

I went for players to score in that bet normally but don’t always get lucky - lost in this game as had players that didn’t.

Liking some of your punts - wish you posted them in advance so i could copy - as probably have more luck than my own shots - nothing landing for me of late.

Worth mentioning now that this offer has changed, and not in a good way! They now hand pick accounts and send invites out with a maximum stake. You also can’t do it risk-free like you could before. Basically they’ve removed all incentive for me personally of doing this offer so much now that when I get it in my inbox I just ignore it.

Shame really but was good while it lasted!

That sucks - probably cause of so many taking advantage of the risk free angel… oh well late to the party as usual.

Hope I can turn my fortunes around this weekend - been a bad start today horses and football all down the pan… Anything you like in the NFL tonight…

Skybet have the bet x 2 £5 request-a-bets get a fiver free on the Chiefs game. So you can re-use the refunded £10 from the super boost. Is what I have done anyway.

I’ve gone for a bit of a speculative Kareem Hunt 150+ rush yards and 3 TD’s @ 100/1

K. Hunt - T. Hill - T. Kelce - D.Henry - D. Walker all to score a TD @ 28/1

And used the free bet on a cross-game special

D. Henry - K. Hunt - T. Kelce / J. Jones - D. Freeman - T. Gurley all to score a TD @ 33/1

Elsewhere on betfair I have gone with Kareem Hunt and Gurley 2+ TD double @ 20/1

Gives me a bit more interest as I watch the games.

Good luck!

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Thanks man I have zero left at Betfair but did see some of them Sky bet request a bet specials but been burned on them of late - losing a tenner every game as none landing - but as you say bet more fun on the games an if one of them you done at those odds land will pay back all my footie and horsey losses from today - make me smile.

So might just go for them.

Who you like to go all the way in the play-offs… I think its really hard to call - most have a good chance I think.

Yeah I don’t go crazy with them just a tenner every now and then.

I have no clue on the super bowl run. Could quite literally pick any of them at this stage I feel!

Fancied Rams all season but never did place a bet. Doh.